SP 7 Acupuncture Point(Lougu) belongs to the Spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin,which is commonly used for abdominal distension, bowel irritation, urinary tract infection, paralysis of lower limbs,lower abdomen distension, dysuria, spermatorrhea,ankle swelling and pain, puncture 1  to 1.5 cun straight.

SP 7 Acupuncture Point Location

6 cun above the tip of the medial malleolus on line connecting SP 9 and the tip of the medial malleolus on the posterior border of the tibia (3 cun above SP 6).

lougu point

What is the meaning of Lougu

Lougu:”Lou”, filter funnel.”Gu”,grains, refers to small. The name of “Lougu” means that the heavy substance in the Spleen Meridian descend here. The substance of this point travels from SP 6(Sanyinjiao) point. Since the hot dampness-qi of Spleen Meridian exchanges the Qi of Liver and Kidney Meridian, the temperature of Qi is lower when it reach here,so some part of heavy substance in the Spleen Meridian descend from the heaven to the ground,like small grain dropping from filter funnel,hence the name.

SP7 point lougu

SP 7 Acupuncture Point usage

  • Abdominal distension, borborygmus;
  •  Difficulty in urination, spermatorrhea;
  • Paralysis of lower limbs.

Clinical Usage

  • Digestive system diseases: acute and chronic gastroenteritis, hyperintestinal sounds, indigestion;
  • Motor system diseases: shoulder pain, paralysis of lower limbs;
  • Others: urinary tract infection, mental illness.
SP 7 nacupoint lougu

SP 7 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Massage therapy

Press SP 7(Lougu) point with your thumb about 200 times,or press and knead it for 3 to 5 minutes,which can treat indigestion,abdominal pain and bloating.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxibustion on SP 7(Lougu) point for 5 to 10 minutes,or 3 to 5 unit.

SP 7 lougu point

SP 7 point Compatibility

Combined with Zhongwan, Zusanli point Spleen and stomach disease;

Combined with Zhongji and Panguangshu point to Difficulty in urination

Combined with Shenshu, Mingmen, Zusanli point to treat cold of lower back and knee;

Combined with Huantiao, Yinlingquan, Yanglingquan to treat paralysis of lower limbs;

Combined with Pishu, Shenshu, Zhongji, Qihai, Taixi point to treat difficulty urination, enuresis, frequent urination, obstruction of urine due to spleen and kidney deficiency;

Combined with Huiyang, Ciliao point to treat morbid vaginal discharge;

Combined with Liangqiu, Xuehai, Zusanli, Yanglingquan, Sanyinjiao point to treat numbness, coldness, and pain of legs and knees due to obstruction of Meridian.

Combined with Shangqiu,Jiexi, Kunlun, Taixi point to treat ankle swelling and pain caused by obstruction of Meridian.

SP 7 acupuncture point lougu

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