Mini Massage Gun

Mini massage gun comes with multiple massage heads, low noise, vibration intensity adjustable, body material from ABS, metal to plastic option.

mini massage gun

Mini Massage gun With 6 head

This mini massage gun comes with 6 massage heads, including: ball head, spade-haped, U-shaped, flat head, thumb head and bullet head, suitable for different parts of the human body massage. The body of the massage gun is made of ABS+silicone material.

It weighs only 1kg ,and it is easy to carry. Therefor you can use it at any time, whether at home or on a business trip. 30 levels of strength can be adjusted freely, suitable for different people,  power and gear LCD display, battery capacity 2500m/AH, charging time 2-3 hours, can work for 4-6 hours.

Portable massage gun

There are two kinds of aluminum alloy and plastic material for this mini massage comes with 4 massage heads, and four speeds adjustable.

mini massage gun

mini massage gun

Efficient heat dissipation, power level display,Low noise≤45db, a variety of luxurious style colors option, like red, gray, black and dark green

mini massage gun

    Muscle Massage Gun Manufacturers

    Are you often feel shoulder and neck pain? People who long tome sit in the office are stressed and exercise less. they will have stiff and sore shoulders and necks! It’s just that, with such a busy work, I feel tired and paralyzed when keep a poor posture. Yeah, may be massage gun will help these group.

    Massage gun is a very popular product in recent years. Therefore, It is a good project that Investing in the muscle massage gun business. If you are just entering this business and are looking for a reliable and affordable massage gun supplier, we may be able to help you.

    In this article, we will list some of the best suppliers, you can check it and choose the most suitable massage gun manufacturer to start your business. Now let’s take a look at the details of massage gun suppliers in 2021.

    The best massage gun manufacturers in China


    SUNGPO Groupn was established in 2017, focusing on fitness, beauty, and personal care products development and sales. SUNGPO is located in Shenzhen and Dongguan, China. It has a professional R&D team with 6 experienced engineers, 6000 square meter factory, 8 production lines, and 300 employees to provide customers with professional one-stop service.

    Since 2017, SUNGPO has provided fitness and beauty personal care products and massage gun to the China market and abroad market.

    SUNGPO Group’s massage gun and other products have obtained a number of  quality certification, such as the United States UL, FDA, FCC, EU CE, MSDS battery certification, UN38.3 and other related international certifications. SUNGPO has dozens of product patents.

    It can produce 10,000 pieces of massage guns every day, providing customers with OEM/ODM services in a short time, if you like it can also provide customers with structure design, software development, mold and manufacturing one-stop service, products covers 5 major series: ultrasonic beauty machine, sound, far-infrared, light skin care equipment, electronic massage gun and other massager products.

    • Business type: Massage gun manufacturer
    • Established year: 2017
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC, 1 UL, FDA, FCC, EU CE, ISO 900
    • Products: massage gun, fitness, beauty, and personal care products


    PeakMassager is a high technology enterprise, integrating R&D, production, and sales of massager guns and other electric massagers, which is one of the well-known manufacturers of massage machine in China. Our company has more than 70 sets of independent molds, and its main products series cover health-care massage products such as muscle massage gun, meridian massager, cervical spine massager, and foot massager etc.

    PeakMassager has a number of intellectual property rights, a factory area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters, R&D, production, quality control, after-sales team, excellent corporate culture and management system, fully research and development capabilities of massage and health products that highly recognized by the majority of distributors and customers.

    We can provide one-stop massager solutions  with reasonable prices and high-end quality, and precise production planning creates a good profit and fast deliver on time for distributions.

    • Business type: Massage gun manufacturer
    • Established year: 2017
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC, CE, ISO 900
    • Products: massage gun, neck massager and other electric massager etc

    #3Zhejiang Yongkang

    Zhejiang yongkang has 8 years of fitness equipment production history, they are a fitness equipment professional mini massage gun manufacturer integrating design, development, production, and sales, focusing on fat-removing machines, treadmills, and massage guns manufacturing service.

    Its products meet the needs of customers by popular styles, excellent quality and reasonable prices and good service. These mini massage guns are loved by customers from Korea, Germany, the United States, the Middle East and other regions.

    The company has a factory area of ​​6,800 square meters, 51-100 employees and CCC CE RoHS PSE certification, which can provide OEM, OBM, ODM massage gun processing services, and production in the supply chain of global fitness equipment manufacture.

    Business type: massage gun manufacturer

    • Established year: 2013
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC CE RoHS PSE, ISO 9001
    • Products: mini massage gun, fat-removing machines, treadmills and other fitness equipment.

    #4 Baichang Technology

    Baichang Technology is a professional massage gun manufacturer, which was established in 2012,located in Shenzhen and covers 3000 square meter factory area.

    Its main business including: massage gun, MINI massager and electronic beauty machine. With avant-garde design concepts and exquisite craftsmanship design, the team provide a innovation massage gun with high quality. Moreover, their various electronic products also have many patents and other intellectual property rights.

    The company has production quality certification RoHS CE PSE CB CQC to provide customers with OEM/ODM massage gun customization services.

    • Business type: Massage Gun Manufacturer
    • Established year: 2012
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: RoHS CE PSE CB CQC, ISO 9001
    • Products: massage gun, MINI massager and electronic beauty machine etc.

    #5 Suzhou Boluojun

    Founded in 2016, Suzhou Boluojun is committed to providing customer with professional-quality sports medicine, sports recovery and massage gun manufacturing and solutions, which is a brand integrating R&D, production, sales and service of massage guns, the product covers multiple categories such as massage gun, electric foam shaft, wrist ball, smart hula hoop, and sports single rod.

    Relying on the strong support of China and foreign research institutions and partners, It has not only developed a series of sports recovery equipment, rehabilitation software systems and functional recovery equipment, but also represented internationally renowned medical rehabilitation equipment and sports equipment.

    They also sincerely hope that the company can launch more world-class sports rehabilitation products, contribute more to the rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, and sports science fields, and create a better healthy life for people.

    • Business type: Massage gun manufacturer
    • Established year: 2016
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC, ISO 9001
    • Products: massage gun, electric foam shaft, wrist ball, smart hula hoop, and sports single rod.

    #6 Shenzhen XFT Medical

    Shenzhen XFT Medical founded in 2000,is an internationally leading supplier of rehabilitation medical equipment,its headquartered in Shenzhen National Biological Industry Base and has a modern production workshop that meets GMP standards.

    XFT Medical is committed to rehabilitation treatment solutions after central nervous system injury , including functional electrical stimulation (FES), electromyography (EMG) detection and feedback technology, power-assisted electrical stimulation, massage gun, mirror therapy, and multimedia feedback training, and these machines or solutions has been widely used in neurology and rehabilitation medicine. With the help of artificial intelligence technology ,people can take professional medical equipment home for use.

    XFT Medical has many years of experience in the operation of the ISO13485 international medical quality system, and has been awarded a number of international certifications. In the past ten years, XFT has manufactured high-quality medical electronic equipment all over the world.

    • Business type: rehabilitation medical equipment manufacturer
    • Established year: 2000
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC, CE,UL,ISO 9001
    • Products: Foot drop rehabilitation system,Hand function rehabilitation system.Deep myofascial gun,Pelvic floor rehabilitation system,AED training system and Biofeedback rehabilitation system etc.

    #7 Shenzhen Yashile

    Shenzhen Yashile is a company specializing in the production of massage guns and metal shells of various electronic products. They have many advantages of many varieties, novel styles, high quality and low price, fast delivery etc.

    The company was established in 2010 in Shenzhen, China, with an area of ​​2,000 square meters and professional design and research and development. There are more than 100 skilled employees and an annual output value of nearly 50 million. It has a full set of high-speed precision automatic lathes, instrument lathes, high-speed drilling machines, CNC lathes, CNC, laser machines, assembly line assembly, testing equipment and other related production equipment, which is beneficial for finish work with high efficiency and high quality.

    The company has successfully passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality system certification.

    From massage gun material selection, product processing and production, to the establishment of supply channels and providing complete product solutions, which can also offer all kinds of OEM and ODM manufacturing service.

    • Business type: massage gun manufacturer
    • Established year: 2000
    • Location: Guangdong, China
    • Certificates: CCC, CE,UL,ISO 9001
    • Products: massage gun, massage gun accessories,metal shells of various electronic products

    The best massage gun manufacturers in USA


    Theragun is a leading sports rehabilitation brands in USA. It has been deeply involved in the field of impact massage for nearly 10 years. More than 250 professional sports teams around the world use Theragun. Its massage gun is unique with its iconic triangular handle design, and its striking angle is very flexible.

    The model G3 PRO has won the best fitness equipment of 2019 selected by the United States’ Golf Digest. Compared with Hyperice, Theragun massage gun is more powerful and professional. In addition, Theragun is also suitable for hobby sports enthusiasts and the general public, which will enhance physical performance, relieve muscle pain and body stiffness.

    #2 Hyperice

    HYPERICE is an USA manufacturer of injury prevention and sports rehabilitation equipment, a pioneering brand in the field of massage guns, focusing on accelerating rehabilitation, preventing injuries, and enhancing the body’s efficient exercise capabilities through a series of equipment.

    HYPERICE’s mission is to help everyone improve their sports performance, speed up recovery, prevent injuries, and enhance physical activity through a series of equipment. All HYPERICE products have been developed and tested and meet the standards of world athletes.

    • Business type: rehabilitation equipment manufacturer
    • Established year: 2010
    • Location: USA
    • Certificates:UL, CE etc
    • Products: Medical physical rehabilitation equipment; vibration stimulating muscles equipment ; vibration massage equipment for fitness; vibration massage equipment for sports medicine; electric vibration massagers; medical belts; medical electric heating pads; electric heating massagers; vibration massagers; Massage equipment; medical ice bag; medical sports equipment; electric massage equipment; first aid hot compress (bag); bed swinger; electrotherapy equipment; elastic bandage; physiotherapy equipment.


    RAY NIGEL, an American professional fitness equipment brand, headquartered in Colorado, USA, it belongs to USA RAY NIGEL GROUP INC. The company focus on the research and development of fitness sports equipment and functional training equipment, and is committed to the research and promotion of professional fascia relaxation.

    RAYNIGEL’s products cover muscle relaxation massage gun, foam roller, gear massage stick and other heavy punching products based on the world’s top athlete standards.

    RAYNIGEL massage gun has passed CE, FCC and other certifications. It adopts American Seiko technology and is designed according to ergonomic intelligence. Five kinds of gun head are designed to fully care for the spine, joints, large muscle groups and other parts of the body.

    RAYNIGEL has been growing in recently years, and has successively obtained the certification of Bartontech Rehabilitation Laboratory in Germany, the certification of TC Spine Health Association of the United States, the certification of PHD Myofascial Rehabilitation Association of the United States, and the certification of MargotClan physical therapist in New Zealand, and entering in Australia, Canada, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries.