CV 6 Acupuncture Point(Qihai),alias Boying,Xiammang,Xiaqihai, belongs to Ren Vessel,which is commonly used for abdominal pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, spermatorrhea, impotence, enuresis, hernia and urinary retention, urinary tract infection, intestinal obstruction, etc. Puncture 1 to 1.5 cun straight. Moxa moxibustion 5 to 10 unit or 15 to 30 minutes.

Location of Qihai acupoint

On the anterior median line of the lower abdomen, 1.5 cun below the umbilicus.

CV 6 point qihai

What is the menaing of Qihai

Qihai:”Hai”, Sea. The name of “Qihai” means the dampness-qi of Ren Channel vaporize here after absorbing heat. The substance of this point is the weakness dampness-qi from CV 5(Shimen) point. After reaching this point, the dampness-qi turns into the flourishing Qi of the heaven,like a large sea of Qi, hence the name.

What is Qihai acupoint used for?

Lower abdomen disorders, women’s diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, deficiency syndrome, weakness of limbs, irregular menstruation;

Clinical:Enteritis, bacillary dysentery, male sexual dysfunction, functional uterine bleeding, bronchial asthma, neurasthenia, etc.

1,Andrology diseases: nocturnal emission, spermatozoa, impotence, and infertility.

2,Gynecological diseases: irregular menstruation, amenorrhea,,infertility, and dysmenorrhea etc.

3,Urinary system diseases: obliteration, enuresis and frequent urination etc.

4,Deficiency of Qi: uterine prolapse, hernia, gastric ptosis, prolonged bleeding.

5,Deficiency syndrome and chronic diseases: such as fatigue, after long illness and serious illness.

QiHai acupoint

CV 6 Characteristics of Qi

The Qi is the abundant Qi of the heaven.

CV 6 Operation Law

The Qi travels upward to CV 7(Yinjiao) point through Ren Channel.

CV 6 Efficiency

Strengthens Kidney Qi and Yang, regulates Qi, benefits Original Qi, treats prolapse.

Benefits of Qihai acupoint(CV 6)

Get rid of cold

Moxibustion Qi Hai and Guan Yuan acupoint can warm the meridians and promote blood circulation.  It can bring warmth to the body and remove cold.

Strengthen digestion

Frequent moxibustion of Qihai acupoint can make blood flow unblocked,relax the body and mind, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and strengthen digestion.

Treatment of diseases

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that damp and block Qi will cause many diseases. Qihai point is located at the key part of the body.It can regulate Qi and dispel dampness, warm up the internal organs by moxibustion.

Improve sleeping

Qi Hai is connected to the two kidneys. The kidneys belongs to water. The water in the body is ‘yin’. Only when the ‘yin’ water is irradiated by the ‘yang’ heat ,which reach the heart and lungs, nourish the body, and keep blance circulation, thereby helping to improve sleep. Moxibustion at Qihai Point is a good health care to improve sleep.

Relieve pain

It has the effect of improving Qi and strengthening the body,relieve the weak Qi,bloating, bowel, and umbilical cord. Abdominal pain,dysmenorrhea, etc.

Improve immunity

Qihai acupoint is the source of vitality in the body, and controls the Qi of the whole body. Moxibustion Qihai is commonly used for people with weak immunity,and enhance the human immunity.

RN 6 point qihai

How to massage Qihai acupoint?

1. First, Use the right palm cling to the position of Qihai acupoint, and massage it from small circle, middle circle to large circle in a clockwise direction, about 100-200 times.

2. Then use the left palm to massage 100-200 times in a counterclockwise direction as before. Massage until you feel heat.

Moxibustion on Qihai acupoint

When moxibusting the Qihai point, you can apply a burning moxa stick above the acupoints,about 3 cm away from the skin. Generally, moxibustion about 10 minutes until you fell skin warm and red, with a feeling of dampness and heat without causing burning pain.


The deep layer of Qihai point is the bottom of the uterus. Pregnant women or during menstruation should avoid moxibustion and needling.

CV 6 acupuncture point qihai

Qihai acupoint Others

Qihai acupoint is combined with Sanyinjiao acupoint: gonorrhea and nocturnal emission,lack of menstruation, lower abdominal pain .

Qihai acupoint is combined with Guanyuan acupoint: postpartum persistent lochia.

Qihai acupoint is combined with Guanyuan, Gaoling and Zusanli acupoints:dyspnea and shortness of breath;

Qihai acupoint is combined with Guanyuan, Mingmen, and Shenque acupoint:collapse syndrome of apoplexy.

Qihai acupoint is combined with Zusanli acupoint, Pishu acupoint, Weishu acupoint, Tianshu acupoint, and Shangjuxu acupoint:  stomach and abdomen pain, hiccups, vomiting, obstruction of stool, and dysentery (weakness of spleen).

Qihai acupoint is combined with Zhongji, Daimai, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao: irregular menstruation.

Qihai acupoint is combined with Guanyuan acupoint, Yinlingquan acupoint, Dadun acupoint, Xingjian acupoint: Promoting Qi,clearing internal heat and dampness-evil. Indications: urinary dripping, abdominal distension and pain, yellow vaginal discharge.

Ren 6 point qihai