Zhongfeng acupoint(LR 4) belongs to the liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin,which is commonly used for hernia, vaginal contraction, penile pain, spermatorrhea, difficulty urinating, low back pain, abdominal pain, internal malleolus swelling and pain.

Location of ZhongFeng acupoint

Anterior to the medial malleolus, midway between ShangQiu( SP 5) and JieXi(ST 41), in a depression on the medial side of the tendon of tibialis anterior.

Zhongfeng acupoint

What is the meaning of ZhongFeng?

Alias: Xuanquan Point.

The meaning of ZhongFeng:Zhong, middle, Feng, blocking. The name of ZhongFeng acupoint means that the wind-Qi of the liver meridian weakens here,and turns into cold water-Qi.The substance of ZhongFeng acupoint is the rush wind from the Taichong acupoint. Because this acupoint is at the turning corner of the back of the foot, so the rush wind is blocked by the bending of the meridian channels after reaching this point, and the rush wind becomes slow and weak, as blocked.

What is ZhongFeng used for?

  • Relieve treatment of fullness of chest and abdomen, hepatitis and jaundice, etc.
  • Relieve treatment of poor urination, nocturnal,penile pain, urinary tract infection, hernia, abdominal pain, etc.
  • Relieve treatment of waist and foot pain, ankle sprain, internal ankle swelling and pain, paralysis of lower limbs, etc.

ZhongFeng acupoint therapy

Massage therapy

Use the left thumb to press the right Zhongfeng acupoint, knead the left 20 times, and the right 20 times; then use the right hand to press the left Zhongfeng acupoint in the same way as before.

Acupuncture therapy

Puncture Zhongfeng point 0.5-0.8 cun straight.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxa stick moxibustion for 3-5 unit, and moxa stick moxibustion for 5-10 minutes.

Compatibility of Zhongfeng acupoint

Combined with Danshu,Yanglingquan,Taichong and Neiting,soothing the liver and releasing internal heat,used for jaundice and malaria.

Combined with Zusanli and Yinlian,used for spermatorrhea, penile pain, drenching syndrome, and dysuria.

Combined with Jiexi and Kunlun,promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling,used for medial malleolus swelling and pain.

Combined with Qihai acupoint and Zhongji,used for poor urinary.

Combined with Dahe and Zhishi, used for nocturnal emission.