Yinbao acupoint(LR 9) belongs to the liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin,which commonly used for irregular menstruation, enuresis, difficulty urination, and the front of the thigh pain caused by lumbar disc herniation.

Location of Yinbao acupoint

4 cun above the medial epicondyle of the femur, between vastus medialis and sartorius.

Yinbao acupoint

What is the meaning of Yinbao?

Yinbao. Yin, refers to the water.bao,refers to receive. The name of Yinbao means that the water dampness Qi of the liver meridian is gathered here. The substance of Yinbao point is the weak damp water Qi from Ququan acupoint (LR 8)and the water from the ground part of the Zuwuli acupoint (LR 10)exuded and descending. After reaching this point, the water dampness Qi of the two parts of heaven and earth gather at this point, which is like the place where the water dampness Qi of the liver meridian collected.

What is Yinbao acupooint used for?

Indications:Abdominal pain, enuresis, poor urination, irregular menstruation.

Urinary and reproductive system diseases: irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammatory, enuresis, poor urination.

Other diseases: low back pain, sacroiliitis, lumbar muscle strain, inguinal lymphadenitis.

Yinbao acupoint therapy


Directly pierce 1.0 to 1.5 cun;


Moxa moxibustion for 3 to 5 unit, and moxa moxibustion for 10 to 20 minutes.


Gently pressing the Yinbao acupoint with the thumb can enhance the function of the reproductive organs, and also prevent female breast diseases. Frequent massage of this acupoint has the effect of regulating menstrual blood.

For prevent liver disease

During self-massage, with the palms of your feet facing each other, making a fist and tapping the liver meridian line from top to bottom with the metacarpophalangeal joints on the same side.

Knocking “Yinbao acuoint” at 7-9pm for 5 minutes/side. Pressing and rubb ing the “Taichong acuoint” for 5 minutes/side,which can relieve internal heat in the liver,irritability, bitter mouth.

Compatibility of Yinbao

Combined with Qihai, Zhongji and Shenshu: invigorating the kidney and Qi,used for enuresis.

Combined with Guanyuan, Xuehai, Sanyinjiao: promoting blood circulation and menstruation,used for irregular menstruation.

Combined with Jiaoxin: used for irregular menstruation.

Combined with Jimen, Zuwuli and Xuehai,used for inner side of the knee and femur pain, and muscle atrophy of polio.

Combined with Guanyuan and Shenshu: used for enuresis due to Qi deficiency.