Jade Roller

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Jade roller is a hot-selling beauty and health massager. PeakMassager wholesale various colors and smooth jade roller. If you want to look for a more affordable wholesale price with high quality, Yes, it is us.

What is jade roller

Jade roller is a beauty face roller made of jade. The face roller massages on the face to promote blood circulation, stimulating acupuncture points and lymphatic system, with trace elements in jade to help the skin keep vitality. So it is beneficial for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, face-lifting and beautifying.

Jade roller benefits

Jade roller is a kind of Gua Sha stone tool, when you gently scraping along the lymphatic area of the face and neck,which can help the circulation of Qi, blood and water,not only soothing and relaxing muscles, but also helping skin maintenance, face-lifting and health care
Jade roller gently scrapes from the inside to the outside to help smooth the lymph, help accelerate the discharge of excess water and waste from poor circulation in the face and relieve facial edema.
Nowadays, most of us often have serious heavy work pressure ,facial muscles become stiff, which may leads to more skin wrinkles. You will relax the facial muscles and return to a soft skin when use it as Gua sha.

Is it profitable to wholesale jade rollers?

Everybody love beauty,we always hope keep smooth and delicate skin to stay forever, but with the aging and bad healthy habits,our skin is often not as good as that hope, so we need to use some massage tools to restore skin elasticity. There are many face massage machine on the market, such as V-shaped face LED shaping massager, ultrasonic hot and cold massager etc., but these electronic massager are expensive.
Is it a more affordable and mini massage machine? A jade roller is a good choice. Face jade roller is good to promote blood circulation, reduce wrinkles, reduce swelling under the eyes, and tighten the skin. We can apply essence skin cream or moisturizer before using it to massage across the face and help the skin absorb the nutrients in the cream. It is quite particular and affordable face-lifting massage machine.
If you need a larger size, there are double rollers option. The large jade roller can massage most of the skin on the face, such as cheeks, forehead and neck etc.
Facial massage tools have always been a popular beauty product with a large of group. There is no worries about sales, and the jade roller is affordable hence many people can afford it. Therefore, you only need to find a jade roller wholesaler with quality and good price, or buy jade rollers in bulk for sale. You will get the greatest profit.

The use time of the jade roller

Jade roller is used after washing your face every day. massage it once or twice a day in the morning and evening for about 10 minutes each time. You should massage it appropriate way,and too much time or too stronger intensity may cause facial damage, local redness, swelling and pain.