Gua Sha Stone

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What is Gua Sha Stone

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese physical therapy that can improve blood circulation, dredge meridians and collaterals, invigorate the spleen, regulate yin and yang, warm the meridians and dispel cold-evil, improve the function of viscera, and improve immunity. Gua Sha stone is a scraping tool. There are many shapes for Gua Sha board like semicircular, fish-shaped, oval and so on.

Type of Gua Sha Stone

If you are looking for a good gua sha stone,the first of all the thing is the material of gua sha stone.There are many different types of gua sha tool, such as horn scraping board, jade scraping board etc So, what material is good for the scraping board? We will list the 5 common materials of scraping board:

Horn scraping board

The horn gus sha board has always been known as the best scraping tool in tradition, The there are many type of materials used like buffalo horn, scalper horn, yak horn, sheep horn, etc., Among them, the buffalo horn Gua Sha board is the most widely used in horn materials. Cow horn itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, which can warm the meridians and dispel cold-evil, promote Qi and blood around the tissue when Gua Sha, further removing blood stasis, and fixing damage tissue and anti-aging.


  1. The horns gua sha tool are brittle, avoid falling, usually use a special box to store them.
  2. It is easy to bend and deform or even crack when it is in a humid environment for a long time. So after using it, it should be wiped dry in time and placed in a dry and ventilated place,another isnot to wash it with hot water.

Jade scraping board

Another is suitable for wholesale sale of Gua Sha stone is jade gua sha stone.The jade is good for nourishing the heart and lungs, and clearing the internal heat of the lungs. In addition, jade is also good for nourishing pure Qi.The jade scraping board is beneficial to promote Qi and blood circulation, dredge the meridians without side effects.It can also absorb directly turbid Qi in the skin. Moreover, jade contains a variety of trace elements required by the body, is beneficial for nourishing yin and clearing heat, calming the mind etc,when using jade gua sha tool.


The jade scraping board with very smooth texture, and is suitable for face or body with soft tissue, it is fragile as the horn scraping board.

Bian Stone scraping board

Bians tone scraping board, also known as Bians tone board, is made of Sibin Bianstone from San Dong province. Bian stone has a special energy field, which can directly or indirectly affect the energy field of the body, improve blood microcirculation, promote blood circulation to archive beauty or treat some diseases. Moreover, compared with other Gua Sha tool, when scraping the face with the Bian stone Gua Sha board, it does not require to produce a Sha, and it also can dredge the meridians and removing detoxify and internal heat.


Bian stone gua sha board with smooth and delicate texture. It will give you a very comfortable feeling even if not need lubricating oil. Compared with other Gua sha scrapers, it can better relax your nervous and spasm facial muscles.

Beeswax scraping board

Beeswax is a kind of amber,there is no different from amber in terms of physical and chemical composition. It is just named because of its “color like honey, light like wax”. The beeswax is soft and warm color, which is loved by people.

Beeswax scraping board is good to calm the nerves, dispel blood stasis and relieve dysuresia.Moreover, It has special effects on relieving insomnia, dysuria,postpartum stasis, abdominal pain, injury etc.

Magnetic Scraping Board

“Magnetism” is a kind of metal oxide,the magnetic scraping board is another Gua Sha tool that combines traditional technology and modern magnetic therapy technology. Magnetism is used as medicine in ancient China. It is beneficial for promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, removing stasis, relieving swelling and pain.

Modern research shows that it can cause a series of changes in nerves and body fluid metabolism.Compared with other materials, magnetic scraping board is much more powerful in effect.