SJ 8 Acupuncture Point(Sanyangluo) belongs to the San Jiao Meridian of Hand-Shaoyang,which is commonly used for treat forearm pain, numbness, neurological deafness and other diseases,acupuncture 0.8 to 1.2 cun.

SJ 8 Acupuncture Point Location

4 cun above SJ 4 point between the radius and ulna.

sanyangluo point

What is the meaning of Sanyangluo

Sanyang Luo:Sanyang refers to the Qi in the Meridians of Hand Three Yang. Luo,connect. The name of “Sanyangluo” means that the Qi of Meridians of Hand Three Yang intersection here. Since the Qi from SJ 7 point(Huizong) that changes from Yang to Yin, the temperature and pressure of the acupuncture point decrease, so the yang-qi flows into this point,hence the name.

SJ 8 Acupuncture Point Usage

  • Upper limb arthralgia;
  • Deafness, sudden loss of voice, toothache and other ENT diseases.


Forearm pain, numbness, neurological deafness, etc.

SJ 8 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Massage therapy

Press Sanyangluo point vertically with your thumb for 3 to 5 minutes until feel soreness and slight pain, which can effectively relieve dental caries and toothache. If long-term massage it,it can also prevent hearing loss, headaches, upper limb pain and other symptoms.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxibustion on Sanyangluo point for 10 to 20 minutes,or 5 to 7 unit.

SJ 8 Acupoint Compatibility

Combined with Quchi, Hegu, and Jianjing point to treat weakness of upper extremity due to stroke .

Combined with Fengchi, Dazhui point to treat cold and heat without sweating;

Combined with Hegu to treat toothache;

Combined with Yifeng, Tinghui point to treat deafness.

Combined with Yamen, Lianquan point to treat sudden loss of voice.

Combined with Quchi and Jianpi point to treat arm pain.

Combined with Tinggong and Zhongzhu point to treat deafness.