SJ 7 Acupuncture Point (Huizong) belongs to the San Jiao Meridian of Hand-Shaoyang,which is commonly used for deafness, epilepsy, arm pain, etc. acupuncture 0.5-1 cun straight.

SJ 7 Acupuncture Point Location

Level with and one finger width from SJ 6 on the radial border of the ulna.

huizong point

What is the meaning of Huizong

Huizong:Hui,gather. Zong, ancestor,this refers to the yang-qi of the heaven. The name of “Huizong” means that the yang-qi of the San Jiao Meridian gathers in the heaven. The substance of this point is formed by the Yang-qi of the Heaven part of the San Jiao Meridian,which is located in the heaven part.Hence the name.

SJ 7 Acupuncture Point Usage

  • Tinnitus, deafness;
  • Arthralgia of upper limbs;
  • Epilepsy.


Forearm pain, numbness, neurological deafness, etc.

SJ 7 Acupuncture Point therapy

Massage therapy

Press SJ 7(Huizong) point with the pad of index finger,and feel soreness and slight pain. Press left and right for 3 to 5 minutes each time, 2to 3 times a day, which can effectively relieve tinnitus and deafness,prevent hearing and vision loss if long-term massage it.

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion on Huizong point for 5 to 10 minutes,or 3 to 5 unit.

SJ 7 Point Compatibility

Combined with Quchi and Binuo point to treat upper extremity arm pain;

Combined with Tinghui and Yifeng point to treat tinnitus and deafness;

Combined with Dazhui and Baihui point to treat pediatric epilepsy.

Combined with Dabao point to treat upper limb muscle pain and soft tissue contusion;

Combined with Tinghui and Ermen points to treat deafness.