Qimen acupoint(LR 14) belongs to the liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin, front Mu point of the liver,which is commonly used for fullness in chest and rib cage, vomiting, hiccup, soreness, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and acute mastitis.

Location of Qimen acupoint

On the mamillary line, directly below the nipple, 4 cun lateral to the AML in the 6th ICS.

Qimen acupoint

What is the meaning of Qimen?

Qimen:Qi,expectation and date,Men,the door. The name of Qimen means that the dampness Qi in the middle of the sky is input into the liver meridian.It is the uppermost point of the Liver Meridian. As there is nothing to pass from the lower Zhangmen acupoint,so it is in an empty state of Qi and blood. However, located in the middle of the front midline and lateral midline of the body, neither ‘yin’ nor ‘yang’, nor high nor low, so there is neither hot Qi falling here nor water Qi stopping here.Although there is empty, it cannot receive Qi and blood substances, and only expects to wait.

What is Qimen acupoint used for?

Smooth the liver and clear heat,and relieve pain.

Indications: Pain in the chest and hypochondriac, abdominal distension, vomiting, and acute mastitis.

Improving digestive tract symptoms, relieving jaundice and liver inflammation.

Benefits of massaging Qimen acupoint

Beauty:The body liver starts detoxification at 11pm and lasts until 1am. Staying up often resulting in rough skin, sallow face, and even causing acne. To solve these problems, in addition to keep a good sleep during the period,It should also massage the acupoint to smooth the liver,improve sleep quality and prevent from acne.

Improve blood circulation:Frequent massaging the acupoint can promote blood circulation in women’s chest,promote breast development,and relieve breast pain caused by blood stasis.

Improve menstrual skin:It is easy to cause pale skin when irregular menstrual caused by stagnation of liver Qi,Massaging the point can smooth the liver and relieve stagnation of liver Qi,and improve menstrual bad skin caused insufficient Qi and blood.

Qimen acupoint therapy


Pressing: Firstly rub the acupoint with the palm of the hand until slightly hot, then use the thumb to press on the Qimen acupoint with intensity from weak to strong until the feeling of acid, numbness, heat and pain.

Pressing and kneading: Use thumb to press and knead on the Qimen acupoint,after a few seconds,gradually relax, repeat it alternating left and right, pressing each acupoint for 3-5 minutes each time.

Palm rubbing: Rub the Qimen acupoint with palm for 5 minutes.

Compatibility of Qimen

Combined with Yanglingquan and Zhongfeng acupoint,used for jaundice.

Combined with Ganshu and Geshu,used for soothing the liver, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and mainly treats the pain of chest and hypochondriac.

Combined with Neiguan and Zusanli,used for hiccups.