Laser Hair Removal Equipment


Gentle hair removal no pain without huriting the skin,you can enjoy beauty-level hair removal results at home.It is suiatbe for whole body and brings you smooth skin.

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Attention:dont use gel or lotion before use the machine.Use it after use the machine!
Glasses and shaver are free gifts, if there is any problem, it is not in the scope of compensation.
this type of hair removal device is different from a razor and cannot remove your hair within a few minutes or a few days. This type of product does not directly act on the hair, but directly on your hair follicles. You need to use it for a long time to get the effect. Please use it for at least 1.5-2 months. If your hair is longer than 8mm, please use a razor to remove the surface hair before using the instrument.People with strong and hard hair usually take longer.

Triple security protection
1.Built-in security sensor chip.
2. All-in-one machine, prevent side light and multiple insertion and removal damage
3. Multiple protection of the motherboard to ensure stable operation.
humanized design concept
1. Multi-layer coated lens with wide band coverage and more efficacy.
(1-3 levels of hair removal to improve skin texture, 1-8 levels: hair removal)
2. Both size and appearance mini is easier to carry, and it is easy to operate by holding the shape.
3. Large screen display parameters are easier to read.

usage steps
1) first plug in the power and turn on the machine; select the gear; for the first use, it is recommended to start slowly from the low gear to the appropriate gear.
2) please put the laser head on the skin, after the energy indicator flashes, press the launch button to complete the operation; move to the next part and continue the operation.
3) after turning on the machine; short press the emission button for light emission operation, long press the emission button for automatic / manual light emission mode switching.

laser hair removal equipment Specification
hair removal times: 999999 times
product size: 16.8 * 11.2 * 7.8cm
paper manual language:english
levels of power:1-8 levels
main function:hair removel
addtional function:skin rejuvenation /acne reduce

Package includes:
Adapter + host + manual+free gift(glasses and razor)
Adapter plug specifications will be shipped according to the country of purchase, if special, please leave a message

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  1. G***a

    Amazing product. Easy to use with clear instructions. I noticed a difference after the first use.

  2. D***n

    I am amazed and happy, they are super responsible, and the product works the intensity of the shot is of high precision

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