Infrared Weight Loss Belt for Stomach


This weight loss belt is a perfect tool to weight loss for stomach,and keep you a slim body and healthy.It adopts five professional motors,massaging magnets and infrared therapy to fast burn fat to help you lose weight and enhance metabolism,

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This weight loss belt is a perfect tool to weight loss for stomach,and keep you a slim body and healthy.It adopts five professional motors,massaging magnets and infrared therapy to fast burn fat to help you lose weight and enhance metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, massage tense muscles, relieve stiffness and pain.It also is a vibration belt with intensity adjustment,offers you a 360-deg full-range weight loss and fat burning quickly.Another beneficial is that can be used as lower back, spine, hip, knees, hands, legs,neck and shoulders massage.You can conveniently enjoy professional weight loss fitness at home every day, say goodbye to thick fat.Overall, this infrared weight loos belt has a many benefits for your body,and help you build a healthy and shapely body.

Highlights of slim belt

  • Five motor and  massing magnets
  • Vibration massage
  • Infrared therapy
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Flexible belt length
  • Multi-function

8 Reasons to use it

  • Taking medicine hurts the body
  • Diet weight loss is easyrebound
  • Fatis not easy to reduce
  • Workoutis difficult to persist
  • Arm is not enoughthin
  • Thighs are a bit thick
  • Pretty waist with fat
  • Not enough hips

High performance, strong power, wider range and more comfortable

Witness the birth of a good body with it

Thin Arms-Tighten your loose arms and restore your shaped body

Thin belly-flat abdominal muscles

Thin butt-lifting buttocks, improving sagging buttocks

Thin thighs-Tighten the thigh muscles, make the legs slim and moving

High frequency vibration massage and Magnetic therapy

5 professional motors work at the same time in high frequency vibration to burn grease, effective to remove fat, massage and relieve fatigue.

magnets of massage stones form a 360-degree surround, evenly massage full body parts to lose weight rapidly.

Dual infrared heating therapy

The infrared spectrum goes deep into the body, and the dual-infrared heating quickly removes fat, activates the vitality of the body, and deeply activates the temperature of the human body tissue from the outside to the inside, giving you sunshine-like warmth,and heating the waist is more obvious.

Flexible adjustment

Vibration intensity adjustment to keep you fit and slim in different needs,the length of the belt can be adjusted at will, suitable for different people, firm and not easy to loosen.

Wide applications– relax and slim

The slim belt is not only good to lose weight,but also it can be used as a massager to soothe other body parts:such as:lower back,arms,legs,neck and shoulder,back and buttocks etc. promoting blood circulation, reduce stiffness and pain.

Safety protection

Short-circuit protection-when the external equipment has a short-circuit failure, the slim belt will activate the protection device to cut off the power supply, effectively avoiding damage caused by the short-circuit.

Low voltage protection-DC adapter converts 220v into 12v voltage, making the human body safer.

Overheating protection-built-in overheating protection device, automatic power-off, safety guarantee to extend the life of the slim belt.

Insulation protection-three layers of insulating materials are tightly wrapped to prevent leakage.

More Design

Smart manual control-one-key start, convenient and simple operation

Professional canvas-the use of breathable fabric, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, soft and comfortable to touch, easy to dissipate heat.

Slim Belt FAQS:

Q:Is slim belt safe?

The power supply of the weight loss belt is safe. The voltage that actually reaches the slim belt after decompression is only 12V, which is far lower than the human body safety voltage of 36V. It has a built-in safety fuse device. Once the input voltage is too high, it will automatically cut off the power. Double safety, safe use.

Q:Are there other benefits?

It can be used as a massager, such as: chiropractic, shoulder massage, and foot massage. It can be stacked on a chair to relieve back fatigue, or it can be placed on a pillow to massage the head and neck.

Q:Why does feel itch after using it?

Normally, high-frequency vibration burns oil, blood flow speeds up, it will be hotter, and other parts are still cold, so the hot one will itch.


Attention items
1. Don’t use it if you have heart or brain or blood vessel diseases.
2. Don’t use it if you are a pregnant woman or you just recovered you health after surgical operation.
3. Don’t put the product together with sharp material, don’t step on it or press it using heavy tools.
4. Please drink one cup of water afteruse(the movement can reduce water)
5. Continue to use everyday, but don’t use it in 30 minutes before or after diner.
6. Please turn off the power supply after use.

Color: blue
Power input: AC100-240V 50Hz (Universal voltage)
Power output: DC12V 1000mA
Max Power: 7.2W
Adjustable gear: 2 Files
Belt Length: 130cm

Package included:
1 X Slimming Belt
1 X Power Adapter

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  1. A***n

    It helps to tighten the skin, removes the cellulite Shol 2 weeks to Smolensk

  2. V***r

    It helps to lose weight and the waist well

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