Air Compression Leg Massager for Blood Circulation


This air compression leg massager is an airbag that inflates and deflates to compress your leg and foot muscles as a result proving you a soothing massage with heat.



Massage is always a perfect way to relax tired,tense muscle and exhausting day at work. This leg massager with air compression offers you the best leg, calf, and ankle,Instep,sole massage of your life at home or even in the office! It is convenient to massage at anywhere and anytime.It is an airbag that inflates and deflates to compress your leg and foot muscles as a result proving you a soothing massage with heat. Another benefit you will get from this air compression leg massager is better blood circulation. The right pressure impressed on the legs and limbs accelerates the blood circulation in your body. Moreover, it also relaxes the tense muscles in your legs and feet and relieves the pain. The air compression leg massager also prevents the appearance of varicose veins in your legs. Furthermore, it reduces your chance of having leg cramps in your sleep. Overall, this air compression leg massager has a lot of benefits for your body.

Features of air compression led massager

  • Third gear
  • Wrap massage
  • Airbag massage
  • Kneading the soles of the feet
  • Warm compress
  • Ankle massage
  • Super quite

Six model and tree intensity adjustment

Simulates human massage the muscles through the contraction of the airbags, relaxes every muscle in your upper leg all the way down to your toes. Six model-automatic,Shiatsu,knead,relax,calf point and foot point,and tree intensity-strong,medium and weak adjustment by controller is suitable for different group.

Air Compression Bags

Contraction alternation between inflation and deflation of air bags offers a cyclic compression massage well covering leg, feet and calves, relaxing stiff muscles and relieving tired.

Gentle Warm

Temperature adjustment massage,built-in heating pad,it can be switched on and off separately,let you feel heat acupoints to experience soothing relaxation by the massager.

Super quite

No body wants to hear a loud and noisy motor when enjoy massage,Good news is the air compression leg massager is super quiet even when you use it at max speed.


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