LU 7 Acupuncture Point(Lieque) belongs to the lung meridian of hand-Taiyin, and is also a point at the intersection of the eight Channels (connected to the Ren Channel).Which is commonly used for cough, wheezing, headache, hematuria and other diseases.

Location of LU 7 Acupuncture Point

1.5 cun above the wrist crease, superior to the styloid process of the radius (not on the LU 5 – LU 9 line in TCM). Japanese LU 7 is found proximal to the styloid process and it is on the LU 5 point(Chize) – LU 9 point(Taiyuan) line.

lieque acupoint

What is the meaning of Lieque

Lieque:Lie,cracked, broken,Que,refers to less. The name of “Lieque” means that the water-qi of lung meridians is broken and overflowed here. The substance of this point is the water-qi descends from LU 6 acupoint(Kongzui). Because it is located above the styloid process of radius, the descending water-qi is blocked by the protruding radius bone (boulder), so the water-qi overflows and breaks out here,Hence the name.

What is LU 7 Acupuncture Point used for

  • As Master Point of the CV, paired with KI 6 of the Yin Qiao Mai – treats genitourinary and gynecological issues also Yin deficient sore throat.
  • Pain of the thumb – Luo Connecting Point spreads over the thenar eminence.
  • Internal Wind – bell’s palsy, twitching, spasms, lockjaw.
  • Command Point of the Head and Posterior Neck – useful for any conditions involving these areas.
  • Exterior Wind – body aches, chills/fever, runny nose, scratchy throat, sneezing.

LU 7 Acupuncture Point therapy

Massage Therapy

For cough

Use thumb to press Lieque acupoints for 100 to 200 times to clear the lung heat and relieve cough.

For headache

If you have a migraine on the left side, press the Lieque point on your right hand, and if you have a migraine on the right side, press the left side. Pressing Lieque points to treat headache, insomnia, and neurasthenia.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxibustion at Lieque acupoint with moxa stick for 5-20 minutes, once a day,It can relieve the tenosynovitis of the radius styloid process.

Gua Sha therapy

Scrape Lieque acupoint from top to bottom for 3 to 5 minutes, It can relieve sore throat, neck pain, etc.

Acupoint Compatibility

Exogenous cough: Lieque, Dazhui, Hegu, Waiguan, Yuji.

Dyspnea with rapid respiration: Lieque, Zusanli.

Cough,chest and diaphragm closure pain: Lieque, Feishu, Danzhong, Sanli.

Headache: Lieque, Zhongwan, Hegu, Shangxing, Taiyuan, Baihui, Touwei, Sizhukong, Fengchi, Taiyang.

Hemoptysis: Lieque, Taiyuan, Chize, Zusanli.

Pain in Reproductive system: Lieque,Xingjian.

Tooth pain: Lieque, Houxi, Renzhong, JiaChe, LvXi, Taiyuan, Hegu.

Postpartum stranguria: Lieque, Zhongfeng, Geshu, Ganshu, Shenshu, Qihai, Shimen.

frightened epilepsy: Lieque, Yangmingluo.

Malaria: Lieque, Houxi, Shaoze, Qiangu.

Chronic rhinitis: Lieque, Shangxing, Yingxiang, Quchi, Fengchi.