LU 5 Acupuncture Point(Chize) belongs to the lung meridian of hand-taiyin, which can relieve cough, wheezing, hemoptysis, full chest, sore throat, elbow and arm contracture, etc.

Location of LU 5 Acupuncture Point

At the cubital crease on the radial side of the biceps brachii tendon.

Chize acupoint

What is the meaning of Chize

ChiZe:Chi,the Unit of length,refers to small,Ze, pool.The name of Chize point means the small pool build by the rain from LU 4 point(Xiabai). Why does the rain only build small pool instead of large? This is because the different meridians of the body belong to different directions and regions. The lungs should be autumn, which belongs to the west. After the long summer,the land is dry (the muscles of the spleen are drier than other). Most of the rain from Xiabai point is absorbed by the spleen soil, so it only build a small pool,Hence the name.

What is LU 5 Acupuncture Point used for

Cough, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, sore throat, heatstroke, elbow and arm swelling and pain, skin itching, allergies, acute mastitis, etc.

LU 5 Acupuncture Point therapy

Massage therapy

For tracheitis, cough, and allergies

Use thumb to press Chize acupoint for 100 to 200 times to prevent and treat tracheitis, cough, and allergies.

For acute mastitis

First, Press the little finger’s SI 1 acupoint (Shaoze) for 20 times, then knead and press Danzhong acupoint for 2 minutes, then press Chize acupoint for 30 times, and finally use the middle and ring finger pads to slightly press the Rugen acupoint for 3 minutes. Persist every day until fully recovered.

Moxibustion therapy

Mild moxibustion Chize acupoint with moxa sticks for 5-20 minutes, once a day,It can relieve elbow pain and upper limb arthralgia.

Gua Sha therapy

Scrape Chize acupoint from top to bottom for 3 to 5 minutes, once every other day to treat cough, upset, vomiting, etc.

Acupoint Compatibility

Combined with HeGu point to treat elbow and arm contracture, poor elbow joint flexion and extension.

Combined with Feishu point to relieve cough and asthma.

Combined with Weizhong to treat vomiting and diarrhea.

Combined with Taiyuan and Jingqu point to treat cough and wheezing.

Combined with Kongzui points to treat hemoptysis.

Combined with LI 11 acupoint(Quchi) to treat elbow and arm contracture.