What is Best Neck & Shoulder Massager Review 2021

Are you looking for a good neck and shoulder massager? Not sure where to find one? Need some help from the experts? If yes, then you are at the right place. This is where you will learn why is it necessary to have a massage and how you should be choosing one.

Top 3 Best Neck and Shoulder Massager Reviews

#1 Smart Neck Massager

smart neck massager

The smart neck massager combines low-frequency electrical impulses technology and constant heat to sooth tired neck and shoulder muscle,accelerate blood circulation and relieve pain and stiffness by imitating the effects of real massage.The portable design ensures the neck massager can be taken anywhere,Whether at home,in the office or on the business trip when you want to relieve stress and tension.

Key performance of neck and shoulder massager

  • Smart button adjustment
  • 42℃ constant temperature hot compress
  • 5 massage modes, 16 levels of intensity adjustment
  • 360° fit neck
  • Infrared physiotherapy
  • Intelligent power-off protection

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#2 Car & Home Massager Pillow With Heat

massage pillow

A dual-purpose massage pillow for car and home. It can help relieve neck pain, also used for back, abdomen, leg massage, 3D two-way kneading massage.Combining the massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, kneading and beating the painful area, achieves the effect of reducing the pain.

Key feature of massage pillow

  • Dual-usefor car & home
  • 3D massage
  • Forward/reverse two-way massage
  • Uniform speed/3D kneading massage
  • Massage headwith heating
  • 15 minute timer
  • low noise

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#3 Portable Handheld Massager

handheld massager

Handheld massager adopts ergonomic design with approximately 120 degree bending,small size but versatile,six massage head available,a variety of massage heads fit the full body massage.Large-capacity battery, when fully charged, high-speed operation for about 80 minutes, low-speed operation for about 2 hours,you can bring it to use at work,home or travel anytime,anywhere if you want to do it.

Key features of handheld massager

  • 10 massage strengths adjustment
  • 12 massage modes
  • Battery charging
  • Vibration massage
  • LCD display
  • Timing function

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Section1: Benefits of Neck and Shoulder Massager

Shoulder and neck pain is one of the common and troublesome problem that most of the people suffer from. Irrespective of the age and health, they encounter this pain due to one reason or the other. Though, poor posture or improper sleeping position are two primary reasons as to why this problem arises.

According to the physicians, exercise, proper posture and massage is the only way to combat it but, do you have enough time to do that? Are you able to do it on your own or need help from a therapist? Obviously, not all people can afford to hire physiotherapists; so how are you going to do that? Thanks to the neck and shoulder massage, you can be rest assured of getting the following benefits:

  • Reduction in ache and pain: If you are tired of consuming pain killers, then this massager is going to do wonders for pain. It will help to combat pain and ache naturally.
  • Relief at hard-to-reach parts: This massager can go to areas and parts that are difficult to reach like the sides and back of the neck.
  • Stress reduction: By massaging shoulder and neck muscles, you will be relieved from stress from the entire day’s work. Save yourself from facing lack of concentration and improve productivity to make your boss happy at the workplace.
  • Portability: The next part of shoulder and neck massager is that it is handy and can be carried to anywhere users want. You can even use them while lying in bed or watching TV or even to the workplace.
  •  To treat stiff muscles: When the muscles have excess of lactic acid, it causes stiffness. This can only be cured with a good massage as it decreases toxins from the muscles following by increasing blood circulation.
  • Saving time and money: Since not everyone can afford to hire a massage therapist,getting a best neck and shoulder massager that can get the job done efficiently. There will be no need for you to visit a massage clinic.

Section2: How do Neck & Shoulder Massagers Work

A neck or shoulder massager starts by stimulating the nerve endings and muscles of the back, neck and head’s base. They enable shoulders to relax by giving good massage strokes. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that most of the shoulder and neck massagers are made up of polyester lining or comfortable cotton over a lightweight metal or plastic enclosure. It has to fit along the shoulders and neck like a neck pillow so that every muscle can get the benefits. They are provided with buttons have to control vibration speed and heat to soothe the shoulder, back and neck areas.

These massagers usually weigh 3 pounds max, which makes them suitable to be placed on the back and neck. Some of them are battery operated while others are corded that enable the massagers to take power from the car’s dashboard through a 9-volt car adapter.

Section3: Types & Techniques of Neck & Shoulder Massager


There are two types of shoulder or neck massagers in the market:

  1. Battery-Operated: These types of massagers use batteries to take power to carry out the respective operations. They are ideal in terms of portability; however, you have to be sure that these are lithium batteries so that they can work for as long as 3 hours. Most of them can last for 2 hours but can be improved to work for a bit longer. Some advanced versions of battery-operated neck and shoulder massagers do not drain away battery if some additional features are at work.
  2. Electricity-Powered: These massagers do not have a battery and therefore, used to operate by plugging in the cord to the power outlet. Some have longer power cords for better usability while others have shorter ones. Their portability even depends upon the length of cord because the latter ones are more convenient to carry. Some massagers can operate with car adapters just so you can have a relaxing massage while driving.


As a matter of fact, every massager uses a certain massaging technique to comfort neck and shoulder muscles. You will just have to figure out which one you need:

  1. Shiatsu massager: This massaging technique is usually adopted by massaging technicians who use their palms, fingers and thumbs to press specific points. It aids in relieving muscles and can even be done by massagers that use massage nodes. Since they used to rotate around the axis, there will be enough pressure and relaxation on the muscles at the same time. don’t worry if nodes aren’t aligned; once they are at work, everything will work perfectly.
  1. Kneading shoulder massager: For relieving tight muscles, the only option is to use a shoulder massager for getting the kneading massage. It presses soft body tissues like the muscles and skin against bones and improve blood circulation to make everything up to the mark. The muscles will have more oxygen to make themselves stronger and free from pain or aches.
  2. Vibration shoulder massager: This massaging technique is intended for massage chairs but you will find a few shoulder massagers working on the same. It is known for stimulating blood flow and relaxing the muscles.

Section4: What Are Important to Consider When Buying Neck & Shoulder Massager

  1. Percussion: The first and foremost thing to consider in a neck and shoulder massager is its percussion feature. There must be hammers on the edge to create vibration in the muscles. However, be sure not to pick such a massager that send vibration across the shoulder surface because they are not effective in transmitting waves.
  2. Size: This entirely depends on the amount of space you have at the place. Whether you want to put it in your bedroom, living/dining room or at the workplace, decision is yours. Wand or handheld massagers are ideal for travelers as they are small, thin and easy to carry.
  3. Strength: It is important to know that these shoulder and neck massagers operate on various levels of strength. They are electric massagers and emit infrared heat to relief the pain.
  4. Design: There are 3 main designs of these massagers. One wraps around the neck, second is the manual version and third in the pillow model. For home or travelling purpose, you should be having the massagers that can wrap around the neck.
  5. Pain relief: The ability to relieve pain is another important factor. A good shoulder or neck massager should have proven background in reducing pain, muscle tension, tightness and discomfort.
  6. Price: Last but not the least, your budget is important to list down the options. You have to identify the type and design of the massager and make sure that it can meet your requirements.

Section5: Neck & Shoulder Massager FAQ

Q: Can a massager be used in pregnancy?

A: The best approach is to consult with the doctor before using it. Though, there is a common concept to avoid using vibration, heat treatment and deep tissue massage in pregnancy. They can have adverse effects on the child in the womb.

Q: Is it appropriate to drive while having a neck and shoulder massage?

A: It is strictly not recommended to operate the shoulder massager if you are driving. Though, you can use it in case where someone drives your vehicle.

Q: Is it suitable to use the massager quite often:

A: It basically depends on the type and model of the massager along with the expected results. You can also read manufacturer’s instructions to know how to use the device.

Q: Is it good to have vibrating massagers?

A: Vibrating massagers have proven incredible health benefits- be it bone density, increase in muscle mass or blood circulation. Even they improve mental health by decreasing stress and improve sleep.

Section6: Wrap Up

You should have enough information to make up your mind by now. You can find the best of the best neck and shoulder massager. The market is filled with numerous types of devices that claim to work for your betterment. Though, you will have to think practically, instead of falling into the trap of anyone. It’s just about knowing your needs and where to find the right fit. Once you have all details, there would be no doubt of not getting the results as per your expectations.