With its roots from Japan, Shiatsu massage is one of the traditional medicines that have proven effects on the human’s well-being. It employs fingers to exert pressure on different acupuncture points to stimulate the muscle and restore balance of the body. This holistic healing method is responsible to maintain energy flow that eventually facilitates in self-healing. The massage experience is quite relaxing and pleasant that ensures positive effects on the person’s well-being,if you are looking for best shiatsu massager? We will show you these  when you buy it.

Best Shiatsu Massager 2021

shiatsu neck and shoulder massager
  • Neck and shoulder massager

This Shiatsu massager is great to massage your neck and shoulder,It can archive 360°massage with heating,forward and reverse kneading massage, which can effectively relieve shoulder and neck pain,and more than 80 percent of buyers think it does a great job,”I really like this massager and help relieve my headaches caused by neck and shoulder pain” one buyer writes.

Shiatsu massage pillow
  • Massag Pillow

This shiatsu massager is a car and home massage pillow with heating and kneading,It can help relieve neck pain, also used for back, abdomen, leg massage, 3D two-way kneading massage.It is more cheap than other electric massager,and many buyer are amazed by how powerful it is for the price.

Section1: Are shiatsu massagers good for you?

Shiatsu massage prides itself for ensuring harmony of the mind and body. It combines knowledge, experience and wisdom for alternate healing, where the massage therapist uses fingers, knees, feet, palms, knuckles and elbows to exert pressure. The person lies on a special mattress present on the floor and wears light clothes so that the body can easily feel pressure on the acupressure points, followed by reducing energy blockage.

The process of self-healing reaps the desired results only when the pressure is applied at the right place. Shiatsu is one of those massage techniques that have numerous and incredible therapeutic effects. It is a form of physiotherapy that uses the sense of touch to relax and stretch muscles with the aim to bring the energetic system of the body in harmony with the outside world. In other words, shiatsu is referred to as the preventive method as well as therapy to boost the energy level, which eventually keeps the body safe from disturbance and long-term damages.

When it comes to a shiatsu massager, users have to be sure about one thing that it uses heat to soothe the muscles. Whether it is the knee pain, foot or anywhere else, this massager is going to relief it at any cost. The best part of using this massager is its ability to prevent the body from experiencing injuries in one way the other. Also, it has shown amazing results to improve the flow of blood, thereby ensuring that all parts are healthy and well enough to keep the body active and relaxed.

What else can be expected from best shiatsu massager? Why are they do important to keep the muscles relaxed and comforted? Apart from the above details, here are some of the key elements to take into consideration:

  • Deep Kneading: A shiatsu massager, which works with heat, is provided with a deep kneading feature that helps to get rid of pain in muscles or joint pains. This feature helps to overcome tiredness of the body muscles so that they can be relaxed from a full coverage massage.
  • Air Compression Massage: It also uses air and heat to treat pain and tension in the muscles. This technique works wonders on the soreness of muscles, where gentle pressure on the feet brings out all benefits from the rhythmic pressure. It is particularly beneficial for people who want to treat their muscle soreness within a short time period.
  • Releases Feet Ache: For people, who are suffering from pain in the feet, it is necessary to find a reliable shiatsu massager so that the entire body can get rid of ache. Though, the massager has to be employed for as long as possible and apply the right technique so that the body can feel and show the change.
  • Treat Swelling in the Feet: Another amazing feature of the shiatsu massager is visible reduction in feet’s swelling. As a matter of fact, swollen feet are the result of edema, which most of the pregnant women face. This problem might also be the outcome of continuous sitting for a long time. If not treated appropriately, swelling may increase over time. So, to avoid getting into such condition, the only option is to use the shiatsu massager.
  • Body Relaxation: Electric shiatsu massager usually use heat to provide relaxation to the muscles. Apart from going to a professional therapist, this massager enables the users to enjoy massage at the ease of their homes. They don’t have to step out of their comfort to reduce stiffness from their muscles.

Section2: Types of Shiatsu Massager & Benefits

Based on the techniques and methods applied, shiatsu massagers are divided into the following types:

  • Five-Element Shiatsu: Originated in Japan, this massager works on the TCM 5-element theory. All 5 elements are related to the organ system, which is considered as the not-strictly anatomical, energetic sense. This organ system and 5 elements include lung and fire, spleen and earth, gallbladder and wood, lung and metal and kidney and water. This massage technique maintains balance of life energy, in which the massager applies pressure along the meridian lines for clear energy flow.
  • Zen Shiatsu: The next type is zen shiatsu that is based on the 5-element therapy standards. It works with the meridians of the body and uses pressure to relief pain. One of the major features of this massage technique is to keep the user in a state of zen, which involves both hands to work in harmony.
  • Ohashiatsu Massage: It includes energetic and healing touch with limb rotations and stretches. This type of massage technique possesses benefits of pilates and yoga, like increased strength, improved flexibility, movement and stamina.
  • Ashiatsu Massage: It is the fourth type of shiatsu massager that uses lower portion to exert pressure on the muscles. When performed by a practitioner, it involves the back, hands and arms to enable the clients get the maximum benefits. This massage is particularly good for people who want deep muscle work. It can combat serious injuries within a short time period.

Section3: Things To Look At When Buying Shiatsu Massager

We have understood shiatsu massager so many benefits,but how can we find the best shiatsu massager when we buy it.here show you the key performance as below:

  • Kneading: It is one of the key elements to make a choice for a shiatsu massager. It works best from the center of the spine and follows outward movement, which is compared to the feel and touch of two hands using pressure on the back.
  • Rolling: The next worth considering feature of a shiatsu massager is the rolling action. It works by gently moving the spine’s bones followed by stretching the muscles to soothe and comfort. Rollers have turned out to be a good choice for leaving maximum benefits on the body.
  • Tapping: It is another important feature that every shiatsu massager or massage chair should have. The technique used is also named as the percussive massage. Apart from providing an amazing feel, tapping is also effective for improving blood circulation.
  • Zero Gravity Recline: When it comes to the recline feature of the massager, it should be a fully reclined one i.e. go to 160 or 180 degrees so that it will be slightly bend from the knees and hips side. It will make massage more comfortable and relaxing, thereby letting the user to get the desired outcomes even from one session. The best part is that it will make the massager strong and sturdy enough to bear the weight without compromising on the performance.
  • Airbag Massage: A good massager should be able to apply pressure on the major body parts i.e. the hips, feet, calves, shoulders and forearms. Airbags come in handy in this regard because without it, focus on particular body parts would be difficult.

Section4: How often to use shiatsu massager?

A shiatsu massager is specifically designed to make the massage experience long lasting and relaxing. Its functionality enables the users to get all benefits within only 15 minutes, which is quite less as compared to what needs to be invested when a professional therapist is hired. The session should last for not more than 15 minutes because its vibration or heat may affect the body in the long run. This massage can aggravate existing injuries and can be adjusted according to the requirements of the specific body area such as the back, shoulder and neck.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that this massager should be used under certain limitations. Prolonged use may cause stress on the nervous system or inflammation and damage to body tissues. It is, therefore, recommended not to exceed from 15 minutes and always do some physical activities afterwards to get rid of the toxins produced during the therapy.

After this, users also have to remember that they cannot follow massage routine of someone in their surroundings. They have to evaluate the requirements of their bodies and plan massage sessions accordingly. For example, to combat shoulder, back and neck pain, 3 to 4 sessions are enough for a week. For muscle relaxation and stress relief, use of shiatsu massage for 1 to 3 times in a week can give the desired results.

Section5: Wrap Up

Shiatsu massagers have come a long way since they had been introduced. They are capable to meet the requirements without compromising on either of the features. It’s just about making the right choice based on the requirements.