Are you dissatisfied with your thick arms? By acupressure point massage therapy,which can not only promote blood circulation and increase arm flexibility,but also effectively exercise muscles and reduce fat accumulation to archive local weight loss.It will be more better if you do with some exercise and diet adjustments.

In this article, we look at what arm fat loss pressure points are, location, and how to use acupressure points to reduce arm fat.

What causes thick arms?

Thick arms commonly caused by the following reasons:

  • Poor lymphatic circulation of upper limb:If the lymphatic circulation of the upper limbs is not smooth, water will stay in the upper arm and cause edema,There,the arms is easy to fat due to poor blood circulation and slow metabolism.
  • Frequently move heavy objects:Many people frequently move heavy objects with excessive arm force for long time,It will cause thick arm.
  • Excessive fat:The fat on the arm accumulate excessively, which will cause thick arm.
  • Lack of exercise:Lack of exercise will also accumulate fat a lot.
  • Poor metabolism:If the calorie consumption is relatively low, which causes excessive accumulation of fat in the arms, resulting in thick arm.

Benefits of Arm massage

  • Relieve arm muscle soreness
  • Enhance local meridian metabolism,
  • Improve blood circulation in the arm
  • Prevent muscle atrophy and degeneration
  • Enhance the flexibility of the arm
  • Reduce arm fat

How to Slim Arm Massage Technique

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1. Massage the lymph of arm

arm massage

Raise your right hand, bend your elbow, and press the muscle of your right arm with your left hand. While exhaling, press the 5 point marked above image for 30 seconds, and then change to the other side for massage.

Note:With right intensity,not too hard.

2. Massage the underarms

arm massage

Raise your left hand, bend your elbow, and gently knead the muscle under your armpit and the inner of your arm with the pad of your right finger for 20 seconds, then change to the other for massage.

3. Massage the arm joints

arm massage

Bend your elbow, raise your left hand and place it behind your head, and then press your left elbow joint with your right hand, using your palm to push it down to the armpit position press for 20 seconds, then change the other side for massage.

4. Massage the base of little finger

arm massage

Keep breathing evenly, then straighten your right arm and raise it to the left side, then raise your left hand, put the five fingers of your left hand together and open, place the palm of your left hand on the palm of your right hand, massage the base of your little finger for 15 seconds. Then change to the other side for massage.

5. Massage LI 10(ShouSanli) Point

arm massage

Make a fist with both hands and bend your elbows. Raise your left arm to the front of your chest. The upper arm and lower arm forms a right angle. Then raise your right hand and place it on the elbow joint of your left hand. Press LI 10(ShouSanli) for 15 Seconds, and then change to the other side for massage.

6. Massage the outer of arm

arm massage

Bend the elbow, raise the left arm to the chest position, the upper arm and the lower arm forms a right angle, the left palm is naturally opened, then lift the right hand to the left arm, and gently knead the outer of arm for 20 seconds, and then change to the other side for massage.

7. Massage the outer joints of arm

arm massage

Bend your right elbow, place your palm on your left abdomen, and then raise your left arm to a position above the chest. The upper arm and lower arm forms a right angle. Place your left hand to the outer elbow joint of  right arm, and then massage upward for 20 seconds, then change to the other side for massage.

8.Massage the back shoulder

arm massage

Raise your left arm, extend it horizontally forward, and place your left hand to the back below your left shoulder, and use the pad of your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to gently massage the back shoulder for 15 seconds, then change to the other side for massage.

Best Acupressure Points To Reduce Arm Fat

binao acupoint

Location:On the radial side of the upper arm, 7 cun above LI 11 at the insertion of the deltoid muscle.

Efficacy: Massaging LI 14 can promote blood circulation, increase the elasticity of arm muscles, and make the upper arm tighten.

Massage method: press it by the index finger and middle finger together in a circular movement with feeling soreness intensity.

  • N-UE-9(Gongzhong)

Location:2.5 cun below PC-2 Tianquan, on the upper arm.

Efficacy: Massage N-UE-9(Gongzhong) can increase the metabolism, remove fat accumulates on the inner side of arm, and make the arm slim.

Massage method: thumb massage in circle direction.

Note: Use the index finger and middle finger of your right hand to press LI 14 on the left arm, and use the thumb of your right hand to press N-UE-9(Gongzhong) strongly on the left arm. Change your hand and repeat about 5 times.which can effectively remove fat in the arm. Alternately massage each acupoint with both hands 5 to 10 times.

shousanli acupoint

Location:2 cun below LI 11 on the LI 5 to LI 11 line.

Efficacy: Regulating the function of the large intestine and improving the blood circulation around it.

Massage method: Point massage.

quchi acupoint

Location:At the lateral end of the transverse cubital crease midway between LU 5 and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.

Massage this point can tighten the muscles, relieve the dry and rough condition and make your arm smooth.

Massage method: Middle finger and index finger in circle massage.

yangchi point

Location:On transverse crease of dorsum of wrist in a depression on the ulnar side of the extensor digitorum communis tendon.

Efficacy: Pressing SJ 4 can promote blood circulation, and relieving the cold syndrome for most women.

Massage method: It is better to use the thumb of the opposite hand to press. Do 10 times with each hand.

waiguan point

Location:2 cun above SJ 4 between the radius and the ulna on the SJ 4 – SJ 10 line.

Efficacy: Massaging this point can dredge arm meridian, improve blood circulation, relieve the numbness and swelling of forearm and make the forearm slim.

Massage method: thumb press.

daling acupoint

Location:In the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis.

Press it with your thumb, stop every 2 to 3 seconds, and do 10 times on the left and right sides.

Hegu acupoint

Location:In the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side.



If you want to get a thin arm by massage, you should keep the right massage method and time.In order to get a good result in thin arm,each massage is better more than 20 minutes. In addition, we should grasp the strength, not too light nor too heavy. Although acupressure points massage can get thin arms,but it should be sure to stick to it.Do some lifting and tightening exercises while massaging the arms, which can assist it.