PC 7 Acupuncture Point(Daling) belongs to the pericardium meridian of hand-Jueyin,which is commonly used for heartache, palpitations, stomach pain, vomiting, palpitations, madness, epilepsy, chest and hypochondriac pain, wrist joint pain etc.

PC 7 Acupuncture Point Location

In the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis.

daling acupoint

What is the meaning of Daling

Daling: “Da”, refers to big,ling,refers to the hills and mounds. The name of “Daling” means the accumulation of splenic soil that follow the pericardium meridian flushing down. The material of this point is the mixture of meridian water-qi and spleen soil passed down from Neiguan point. After reaching this point, the material of spleen soil accumulates like a hill, hence the name.

PC 7 Acupuncture Point Usage

Bad breath, heartache, palpitations, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting blood, chest and hypochondriac pain, mania, wrist joint pain, etc.

PC 7 Acupuncture Point therapy

Massage therapy

Press Daling acupoint with the thumb for 5 minutes each time, 2 times a day.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxa moxibustion on Daling point for 5  to 10 minutes, or 3 to 5 unit.

Daling Point Compatibility

Combined with Waiguan and Zhigou point to relieve abdominal pain and constipation;

Combined with Shuigou, Jianshi, Xinshu, Fenglong point to relieve and treat epilepsy, madness, and palpitations

Combined with Laogong point to relieve angina pectoris and insomnia.