Zuwuli acupoint(LR 10) belongs to the liver meridian of foot-jueyin,which commonly used for pain in lateral lower abdomen, impaired urination and testicular swelling and pain;

Location of Zuwuli acupoint

3 cun below QiChong acupoint(ST 30) at the proximal end of the thigh and lateral border of adductor longus (1 cun below YinLian acupoint(LV 11).

Zuwuli acupoint

What is the meaning of Zuwuli?

Zu,refers to the points are on the feet,Wuli means that the area of action of Qi and blood in this point is as long as Five Li(about 2.5KM). The substance of Zuwuli acupoint is the spleen dust in the cold wind-Qi and damp Qi from the Yinlian acupoint.After reaching the acupoint, it will return from the sky to the ground, covering a wide area of five Li.

ZuWuli efficacy and function

Efficacy: Soothing the liver and regulating Qi,clearing heat and diuresis

Function: It used for lower abdomen caused by stagnation of liver Qi or liver meridian damp-heat betting, lower abdominal pain, vulvar itching, testicular swelling and pain, and urination etc.

Indications: lower abdomen pain, urination, testicular swelling and pain,fatigue of the limbs, scrotum damp and itching, back pain, frequent urination, urgency and other kidney deficiency symptoms.

Zuwuli acupoint Therapy

Massage therapy

Put four fingers together, press the acupoints from bottom to top,until you feel swelling, sore pain.Press and rub the acupoints on both sides for 3-5 minutes each time from left to right, helping for clearing heat and diuresis, activating the channels and relieving pain.

Moxibustion therapy

Indirect moxibustion: 20-30 minutes; temperature: 38-45°C; moxa sticks moxibustion: 3-5 unit,5-10 minutes;

Acupuncture therapy

Straight puncture 0.5-0.8 cun;

Compatibility of Zuwuli Acupoints

Combined with Sanyangluo,Tianjing,Lidui and Sanjian points,used for fatigue and lethargy due to yin deficiency;

Combined with Xuehai,Sanyinjiao, Fengshi, nourishing blood,used for scrotal eczema;

Combined with Qihai, Taichong,soothing the liver, regulating Qi and relieving pain,used for testicular swelling and pain;

Combined with Zhongji and Yinlingquan,clearing heat and diuresis,used for urinary retention.