Zhubin acupoints(KI 9) belongs to the Kidney Meridian of Foot-Shaoyin,which is commonly used for epilepsy, vomiting, hernia, inner calf pain.

Location of Zhubin acupoint

5 cun above Taixi acupoint( KI 3) on the line drawn from KI 3 to KI 10 at the lower end of the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle.

Jiaoxin acupoint

What is The meaning of Zhubin

Zhubin:Zhu,refers to celebrate,Bin,refers to guest. The name of Zhubin means that the dampness-qi after the mixture of Qi and blood in the Three Yin Meridians of the Foot exchange to the kidney meridian. The substance of this point is cold dampness-qi from Sanyinjiao.After it happy to enter to the kidney meridian from here,like waiting for guests, hence the name.

What is Zhubin acupoint used for

1. Relieve treatment of epilepsy, vomiting, saliva,colic, umbilical hernia in children, etc.;

2. Relieve treatment of inner calf pain, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, gastrocnemius spasm, orchitis, gastritis, nephritis, etc.;

3. Relieve treatment of knee softness, fatigue, dampness, phlegm, and blood circulation;

4. It is beneficial for invigorating the kidney, calming the heart, regulating qi and relieving pain, clearing away heat and dampness,soothe thing nerves by massaging this acupoint.

Zhubin acupoint therapy & Benefits

  • Zhubin acupoint is the main point for elmination of toxicant from the kidney meridian. In the hot summer, people are easy to irritability, insomnia, and irritability. At this time, pressing or moxibustion at the Zhubin acupoint can relieve internal heat, calm the mind, regulate qi, and promote blood circulation. If someone suffer these, such as: sore throat, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent urination, and gout etc, you can press this point strongly. Clinically, it can also be used to treat mental disorders such as epilepsy, mania, and depression.
  • Excessive uric acid in the body is also a symptom of toxins,It can be used for elmination of toxicant by pressing Zhubin points. Most of the uric acid is excreted from the kidneys. Poor uric acid excretion leads to high uric acid, which can cause gout, stones and other symptoms. At the beginning of the disease,pressing Zhubin acupoint can straighten out the kidney meridian and reduce uric acid content.
  • When people with tonsillitis, pressing Zhubin acupoint with thumb for 5-10 minutes can relieve this symptoms immediately.

Compatibility of Zhubin

Combined with Shenshu point and Guanyuan point to treat edema;

Combined with Dadun and Guilai points to treat hernia;

Combined with Chengshan point, Heyang point, and Yanglingquan point to treat calf atrophy and paralysis;

Combined with Shuigou point and Baihui point to treat epilepsy;