Yongquan acupoint(KD 1) belong to the Kidney Meridian of Foot-shaoyin. It is commonly used for pulmonary system diseases, difficulty in defecation, and poor urination.

Location Of Yong Quan Acupoint

Yong Quan(KD 1) is located in the depression in the heart of the sole, as felt when the leg is stretched, the foot bent and the toes curled. or the point is found in a slight depression created, when the foot is in plantar flexion (i.e. slightly extended, so the arches activate), about 1/3 the distance from the toes to heel. In other words, it’s where your thumb will naturally fall, in the center of your foot near the base of the big toe.

Yongquan acupoint

What is Yong Quan used for & Benefits?

1. Gently tap Yongquan acupoint, which can transmit through the meridian, regulate the autonomic nervous system, help expand blood vessels, promote skin blood circulation, accelerate the discharge of toxins, and reduce blood viscosity.

2. Invigorate the internal Qi of the kidney meridian, promote longevity, dissipate internal heat and vitality,sufficient kidney essence,improve ears and eyesight, energetic, strong sexual, strong waist and knees etc.

3. Relieve neurasthenia, energy loss, fatigue, gynecomastia, insomnia, hypersomnia, high blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, menopausal disorders, chills, kidney disease, etc.

4. Relief head pain, dizziness, vertigo, sore throat, dry tongue, aphonia, difficulty in urination, difficulty in defecation, convulsions, epilepsy, cholera, fainting, etc.

5. Treat senile asthma, weakness, deafness, tinnitus, etc.

How do self massage Yongquan Point

Rub Yongquan

Sit upright on a chair, first put the right foot on the left leg, hold the toe with the right hand, and then rub the Yongquan acupoint on the center of the right foot with the palm of the left hand until the foot gets hot. Then put the left foot on the right leg, rub the Yongquan point on the right foot with the palm of your left hand, and rub it until the foot gets hot.

Spa the Yongquan

Before going to bed every night, Spa your feet in hot water. Add a little salt and spa for 15-30 minutes.

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Spa feet in ginger water

Spa feet in ginger water can drive away cold, warm the kidneys and help “Yang”. It is recommended to smash or chop the ginger and boil it for a few minutes before using it to Spa feet.

Spa feet in pepper water

Spa feet in pepper water can promote blood circulation,and dispel cold. It is suitable for people with cold waist and knee pain symptoms caused by kidney of ‘Yang’ deficiency.

Wormwood boiled water for feet

Wormwood water has the effects of boosting ‘Yang’, removing dampness, and regulating Qi. It is very suitable for people with kidney deficiency. Prepare an appropriate amount of wormwood, put the wormwood in a pot and boil it into wormwood water, remove the medicine residue and mix it with hot water to foot Spa.

Tap Yongquan

Sitting on the bed, spread your feet up naturally, or take a cross-legged sitting position, and then use  hands to gently tap the Yongquan acupoint. It is best to be a warm feeling on the soles of your feet.

How to moxibustion at Yongquan Point?

Mild moxibustion: After burning the moxa stick, approach the Yongquan point and apply mild moxibustion to make the points feel hot and comfortable. Each moxibustion about 20 minutes, once a day or every other day, 10 times a month.

Moxibustion on aconite After soaking the aconite with water, cut into slices of 0.3-0.5 cm, puncture a few holes with a needle, burning a large or medium-sized moxa stick and place it in the center of the aconite sheet to apply moxibustion. Until the local skin is flushed and moist, usually every time Moxibustion 5-10 short unit.

Massaging Yongquan Point FAQs

Q:Who is not suitable to massage Yongquan Point?

  • Pregnant or menstruating women
  • Renal failure
  • Acutely ill patients

Q:When is the best time to massage YongQuan?

Massage the Yongquan acupoint every night before going to bed to make the body healthier.


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