The holiday of Mother’s Day presents soapers and artisans with an excellent sales opportunity. Most people plan to purchase handmade bath and body products for Mother’s Day this year, and this will be one of the most popular items. Let us help you to have the best Mother’s Day season yet. Here are some facts, tips, and tricks so you can sell your wholesale Mother’s Day gifts.

Set up a Mother’s Day shopping page

Let’s start by looking at your products. If you can’t directly relate the gift to Mother’s Day, there may still be something you can position as a Mother’s Day gift. Creating a separate page for your wholesale Mother’s Day gifts will help visitors navigate your online store.

When visitors enter the website specifically looking for wholesale mothers day gifts, visitors will find a dedicated page easier to use. Additionally, it can be helpful when trying to convert regular visitors into Mother’s Day shoppers.

Market Understanding

In 2017, many Americans will spend almost $180 on Mother’s Day gifts. Twenty-nine percent will buy from a specialty store, 27 percent will buy online, and 23 percent will buy from a local business. You’re in a strong position to profit from Mother’s Day sales as a handmade bath, and body artisan since a lot of of you sell to all three markets: local, specialty, and online.

There was a 4.6% increase in Mother’s Day spending in 2017 compared with 2016. If you’re curious about how much people spent on the holiday, $22.3 million. In addition, $1.9 million was spent on things such as accessories, personal care products, such as soaps and lotions and apparel!

Create a comprehensive gift guide

A rewarding experience is giving a gift. It pays off when you see the glow on your special someone’s face when you spend countless hours browsing the web. Your customers probably already have a list of gifts for Mother’s Day now that it’s close to Mother’s Day. Please give them a custom gift guide to take a few hours off their search! You can use your wholesale Mother’s Day gifts guides to present your customers with the best selection of products.

Personalize your products

In 2018, personalization was a major trend, and it’s not going away—the number of shoppers veering away from store-bought items and instead favoring unique items rise. Customized gifts are popular all year long, but they are especially appropriate for special events and holidays like Mother’s Day.

Arrange a giveaway

Offering giveaways is an additional method to boost sales on Mother’s Day and boost your brand’s visibility. Giveaways are limited-time promotions where you give away the chance to win a prize at the discretion of one or several lucky winners as per a predetermined set of guidelines.

If you wish to get your customers involved and spread the word about your brand before Mother’s Day, make your prize worth it. Think about offering your most loved product or set of items that be the ideal gift for every mother. Also, your contest is likely to be easy to participate in. Don’t force people to take an online survey with 20 questions to get a 5% discount coupon.

Special deals for running Mother’s Day deals

Over the years, companies have taught consumers to look forward to special offers with each upcoming holiday. Mother’s Day is no exception. These are two of the most well-known offers that your customers can want from you on Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day presents a huge chance for handmade bath and body artists. There is a lot of money available, and they like to purchase presents for their mothers, grandparents, stepmothers, and many more. Make sure you plan accordingly to draw sales and begin your summer and spring season in the right way.