ST 32 Acupuncture Point(Futu) belongs to the Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming,which is commonly used for numbness and soreness of knee and leg, poor flexion and extension, paralysis of lower limbs; low back pain, cold colic in abdomen and vulva, abdominal distension and abdominal pain,puncture 0.6 to 1.2 cun.

ST 32 Acupuncture Point Location

6 cun above the superior lateral border of the patella on the line connecting with the ASIS.

futu point

What is the meaning of Futu

Futu:”Fu”,Crouching,stop.”Tu”, Rabbit,here refers to wind-qi. The name of “Futu” means that the spleen soil particles of the Qi of the Stomach Meridian settle and accumulate here. The substance of this acupoint is the meridian water and wet wind-qi from ST 30(Qichong) and ST 31(Biguan) point. After reaching this point, the wind-qi stops here. The particles of the spleen soil settle and accumulate here, as if rabbit crouching,hence the name.

futu ST 32

ST 32 Acupuncture Point Usage

  • Low back pain, coldness of the waist and the knee, paralysis of lower limbs, hernia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, athlete’s foot and other symptoms;
  • Knee arthritis, urticaria, inguinal lymphadenitis and other diseases.
ST 32 futu point

ST 32 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Massage therapy

  • Press ST 32(Futu) for 2 to 3 minutes,which can low back pain, coldness of the waist and the knee, lower extremity soreness, numbness, abdominal distension, and numbness of feet if long-term massage it.
  • First, use your thumb to press LR 1(Dadun) for 20 times, then massage ST 29(Guilai) for 3 minutes, and finally massage ST 32(Futu) for 3 minutes,which can relieve hernia if long-term massage it.

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion on ST 32(Futu) for 5 to 10 minutes, once a day, it can treat abdominal pain and athlete’s foot.

Gua Sha Therapy

Scrape ST 32(Futu), once every other day, it can relieve low back pain, coldness of the waist and the knee, and paralysis of lower limbs.

ST 32 point futu

ST 32 Acupuncture Point Compatibility

Combined with Ganshu to treat hernia cold colic in abdomen and vulva;

Combined with Biguan, Yanglingquan, and Zusanli to chill and weakness of knees and legs.

Combined with Shenshu, Huantiao, Weizhong, Yanglingquan, Sanyinjiao to treat paralysis of lower limb;

Combined with Biuguan, Fengshi, Yanglingquan, Xiyan, Zusanli, Diji, Fenglong, Xuanzhong to treat leg pain;

Combined with Jiexi, Taixi, Shenmai and other point to treat leg and foot pain;

Combined with Fengshi, Zusanli, Juegu, Dubi, Shangjuxu, Shangqiu, etc. to treat athlete’s foot;