ST 16 Acupuncture Point(Yingchuang) belongs to the Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming,which is commonly used for cough, wheezing, sternal pain, mastitis, oblique or flat puncture 0.5 to 0.8 cun.

ST 16 Acupuncture Point Location

4 cun lateral to the AML in the 3rd ICS.

yingchuang point

What is the meaning of Yingchuang

Yingchuang,”Ying”,chest,”Chuang”,the window. The name of “Yingchuang” means that the high-temperature Qi in the chest cavity go out of the Stomach Meridian from here. This point is located above the breast and beside the chest,which has pore channel of the ground that communicate with the inside of chest cavity, such as a window for the exchange of substances between chest cavity and body surface, hence the name.

yingchuang ST 16

ST 16 Acupuncture Point Usage

Cough, wheezing, sternal pain, mastitis;

Clinical:Bronchitis, bronchial asthma, mastitis, intercostal neuralgia.

ST 16 yingchuang

ST 16 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Use your fingers to press ST 16 point and do circular exercises, which can prevent from mastitis, chest pain and rib pain if long-term massage it;

yingchuang ST 16

ST 16 Point Compatibility

Combined with Taichong to treat swollen lips;

Combined with Zhigou to treat chest and hypochondriac swelling and pain;

Combined with Rugen, Quchi, Zusanli to treat mastitis;

Combined with Shaoze, Chize and Zusanli to treat oligogalactia;

Combined with Danzhong, Neiguan to treat tachycardia and precordial pain.