SI 13 Acupuncture Point(Quyuan) belongs to the small intestine meridian of hand-taiyang, which can relieve and treat shoulder and back pain and peri-arthritis.

Location of SI 13 Acupuncture Point

At the medial extremity of the suprascapular fossa midway between SI 10 and the spinous process of T2.

Quyuan point

What is the meaning of Quyuan

Quyuan:Qu,refers to secret.Yuan, the low wall. The name  of Quyuan means that the dust of the spleen in the Qi of the small intestine meridian settles here. The material of this point is wind-qi from Bingfeng point. When it reaches this point, the wind-qi absorbs moisture and descends until the spleen dust settles in the ground, accumulates like lower wall, hence the name.

What is SI 13 Acupuncture Point used for

  • Local point for shoulder and/or scapular region pain, weakness and/or stiffness.  
  • Useful for chronic shoulder problems.  

SI 13 Acupuncture Point therapy

Every morning and evening, use the middle finger to rub Quyuan acupoint, left and right for 1-3 minutes, It can relieve shoulder pain, regulate upper limb discomfort, and delay aging if long-term massage.

Acupoint Compatibility

Combined with Tianzong point and Bingfeng point to treat shoulder pain.