SI 12 acupuncture point(Bingfeng) belongs to the small intestine meridian of hand-taiyang, which can relieve shoulder and arm pain, frozen shoulder, bronchitis etc;

Location of SI 12 Acupuncture Point

Directly above SI 11 in the center of the suprascapular fossa, found in a depression when the arm is lifted.

bingfeng acupoint

What is the meaning of Bingfeng

Bingfeng:Bing,refers to control.Feng,refers to the Qi in the acupuncture points is motion wind-qi. The name of “Bingfeng” means that the qi of the small intestine meridian forms wind-qi here. The substance of this acupoint is the Qi from the Tianzong acupoint. After ascending this point, it will become wind-qi due to heat absorption and expansion. The wind-qi circulates through the small intestine meridian,like control, hence the name.

What is SI 12 Acupuncture Point used for

1. Movement system diseases: Tendinitis, frozen shoulder, scapular neuralgia;

2. Others: bronchitis, etc.

SI 12 Acupuncture Point therapy

  • Press and rub Bingfeng acupoint with the middle finger and the pad for 1-3 minutes each morning and evening,It can promote the blood circulation of the neck and shoulders and prevent frozen shoulder if long-term massage.

Acupoint Compatibility

Combined with Tianzong, Jianjing, Naoshu to relieve  shoulder and back pain.

Combined with Jianyu,Jianliao, Quchi, Hegu to treat numbness of upper limbs.

Combined with Taiyuan, Feishu to treat cough and expectoration.