Amongst the multiple body pains that you may experience as a person, the one that manages to create the most pain is the sciatica pain. Though sciatica happens to be the most common type of nerve pain, it is often overlooked and at times ignored. There are different stages that people with sciatica pain go through where they first try to handle it on their own, try going to a doctor and then try going to a healer. Either way, one of these ways could work to help you. That being said, today, you will be learning about how acupressure may aide in providing relief to your sciatica pain.

Before we get to the main point where we discuss the major acupressure points within the body that may help in soothing your sciatica pain, let us understand the sciatica area and how you can get that kind of pain.

What is Sciatica and How Can it Be Caused?

In simple and layman terms, sciatica is a nerve pain that starts from your extreme lower back and goes all the way down to your leg, including your buttocks. The pain radiates and tingles throughout the inflamed area. The pain can sometimes, in extreme cases, cause numbness in the legs too. It is a functionally debilitating nerve pain that can disrupt your everyday life in a significant way.

When talking about sciatica nerve pain, most people want to know how it is caused? There can be many reasons why sciatica pain may become a part of your life, but some of the major ones happen to be pregnancy, significant injury or disease. Any situation that puts pressure on your spine or threatens an occurrence of a slipped disc can be enough of a reason for you to worry about sciatica pain.

Acupressure Points for Sciatica Pain Relief

When you decide to apply acupressure to relieve yourself from sciatica pain, the best way to do it is to learn how to apply the right kind of pressure. The pressure always has to be firm and gentle at the same time. While applying the pressure, you will have to massage the place in circular motions to create a soothing feeling for the client. Be careful to apply gentle pressure and remind yourself and the client to take deep breaths so that acupressure is done right.

Here are a few major acupressure points that may help you:

1. Urinary Bladder 33

To find this place on your body, you will need to find the bladder line positioned in the middle of your waist between your hip bone and your ribcage. Once you have found it, you will need to apply gentle pressure on the spot for around 90 seconds. By doing so, it will not only help ease the pain but also help you feel amazing and relaxed at the same time.

The best thing about this acupressure technique is that you can implement it on yourself too. You don’t need a professional to do it for you. If you know the right spot, you can help yourself and ease the sciatica pain.

2. Gallbladder 30

huantiao point

To find the particular spot to massage, you will need to go towards your buttock area. You may need someone’s help to find it as it could be difficult for you to do it yourself. Here is what you need to do, start from where your butt starts and then, once you are one-third of the way down, go towards your hip bone. That is where you will find the spot.

When looking to ease lower back pain, the gallbladder is one of the best places to find relief from the pain. By massaging it gently in circular motions, you can feel and provide immense relief almost immediately. Not only does it help relieve the pain, but it also helps provide better circulation throughout your body.

3. Urinary Bladder 40

To find this pressure point, all you have to do is look at the crease in the middle of the back of your knee. The knee is a central point when trying to find the pressure points to help sciatica pain. The reason for that is simply because sciatica pain travels down to the leg and foot. That is why the pressure point on the underside of your knee helps soothe and relax you. To help ensure that the pain stays away for longer, you will have to apply the acupressure on both knees’ underside.

With these three pressure points, it is necessary to understand which sciatica pain’s main focus points are and how you can help ease the pain. It is always recommended that you first see a medical professional who can provide you with proper medical treatment. If you are still not pain-free after getting the treatment, you can try out these healing treatments. Find a way that works for you and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.