Are you aiming to start Nitrile gloves wholesale business? If you want to create a new business, then there are many avenues where you need to think. Here are the following questions that need to be answered at first:

  • Is it a profitable industry?
  • What are the future trends in this field?
  • Are people interested in buying this product?
  • What are the environmental impacts?

These are the fundamental questions for starting nitrile gloves wholesale business. The market cap makes it an emerging option if we look at the industry.

What are Nitrile gloves? A breakdown of the definition:

“Nitrile Gloves are a synthetic type of gloves resistant to chemicals.”

However, if you work in a lab or with chemicals, Nitrile gloves are the first choice. It provides protection against chemicals like acids, bases, and solvents. Above all, these gloves also offer good tactile sensitivity. However, due to its unique qualities and features, it became an alternative to latex in 1990. These Nitriles are made of synthetic rubber and are more durable and chemical resistant.

Overview of the global market

Nitrile gloves are widely used in many fields. However, the market cap is increasing day by day due to this. In 2021, the Nitrile gloves global market expanded up to 22 billion USD. However, it is estimated that the industry will grow by 8.9% from 2022 to 2028. We see a surge in demand because the health care and chemical sectors widely use these gloves. The following chart gives an idea about the Nitrile gloves wholesale market:

From 2021-to 2028

It is expected to grow from $22 billion to more than $42 billion.

glove market

It means the market will grow because the concerns about healthcare and safety are rising among consumers. Moreover, the global pandemic of COVID-19 paid a central role in raising the demand for Nitrile gloves at the wholesale and retail levels.

Benefits of Nitrile gloves:

Earlier, we represented an overview of the market. However, according to the figures, it’s an excellent time to get into the Nitrile gloves wholesale business. Besides, here are the following other benefits of the Nitrile business:

100% latex-free:

Nitrile gloves are better than latex ones. Many people have allergic reactions to latex, and the gloves trigger the allergy. But Nitrile ones are entirely safe, and you don’t face any reaction after wearing them. Latex has rubber proteins that cause the allergy, but Nitrile doesn’t have anything like this. So, with time nitrile gloves will capture the industry of latex and vinyl gloves.

Best tear & puncture resistance:

Consider investing in the Nitrile gloves wholesale business if you want to make the best tear and puncture-resistant quality. Here are the following prominent features:

  • Nitrile is 3-4 times more puncture resistant compared to latex
  • The best material for durable mechanical hand protection
  • Suitable for use in industries where sharp objects are being used
  • Capable of keeping safe from cuts, scratches, wounds, and bruises

It’s hard to find these qualities in other gloves. However, these are the reasons that attract more customers and industry customers.

More chemical resistant:

If we compare the Nitrile gloves, then these are more chemical resistant than the latex and Vinyl. However, this quality makes the Nitrile gloves a priority for the hospitals, the food industry, and even house cleaners. Here are other sectors that are using nitrile gloves on a larger scale due to this reason:

Scientific and medical labsManufacturing industriesChemical production facilities
Oil and gas sectorsAnd other high-risk workplaces 

So, it means that Nitrile gloves protect your hands and keep them safe from hazardous material. However, it makes this a good investment field.

Final verdict:

Nitrile gloves have unique qualities that are hard to find in other gloves. Moreover, this material allows the user to retain the sense of touch. So, people have started to move to this instead of other options. Thus, if more customers are, it’s safe to start the nitrile gloves wholesale business.