LU 1 Acupuncture Point(Zhongfu) belongs to the lung meridian of hand-Taiyin.It can relieve chest fullness, asthma, tonsillitis, cough, bronchitis etc.

Location of LU 1 Acupuncture Point

6 cun lateral to the anterior midline, level with the 1st ICS.

Zhongfu acupoint

What is the meaning of Zhongfu

Zhongfu: Zhong,Middle-jiao,Fu,gather. The lung meridian of hand-Taiyin originates from Middle-jiao, and the acupoint is where the Qi gathers; this acupoint is also the front-Mu of lungs where the Qi of visceral gathers. The spleen, stomach, and lungs are combined in this point, hence the name.

What is LU 1 Acupuncture Point used for

Lung diseases: cough, wheezing,fullness of the lungs, chest pain,coughing and vomiting, typhoid fever, throat numbness; bronchitis, bronchial asthma, lung abscess, tuberculosis;

Diseases in the parts of the meridians: shoulder and back pain, abdominal distension, etc.

LU 1 Acupuncture Point therapy

Massage Therapy

Combine index finger and middle finger, rub the Zhongfu acupoint with two fingers for 100 times, It can prevent asthma, pneumonia etc if long-term massage.

Moxibustion therapy

Mild moxibustion on the Zhongfu point with moxa sticks for 5-20 minutes, It can relieve physical weakness and deficiency of qi in middle-jiao.

Cupping therapy

Use gas tank to cup the Zhongfu point, leaving the tank for 5-10 minutes, once every other day, to relieve rhinitis caused by lung heat.

Scraping therapy

Scrape the Zhongfu point from top to bottom for 3 to 5 minutes, once every other day, to relieve physical fitness caused by over heat.

Acupoint compatibility

Lung pain: Zhongfu, Shenshu, Hegu.

Full Chest: Zhongfu, Yishe.

Two breasts with swelling and pain: Danzhong, Zhongfu, Shaoze, Dadun.

Throat numbness, chest congestion, cold and heat: Zhongfu, Yangjiao.

Cough: Zhongfu, Feishu, Kongzui.

Asthma: Danzhong, Zhongfu, Dingchuan, Neiguan.

Pneumonia: Zhongfu, Dazhui.

Tuberculosis: Zhongfu, Feishu.