LI 1 Acupuncture Point(Shangyang) belongs to the large intestine meridian of Hand-yangming, which is commonly used to treat deafness, toothache, sore throat, jaw swelling,finger numbness, fever, coma and other diseases.

LI 1 Acupuncture Point Location

0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail on the radial side of the index finger.

shangyang acupoint

What is the meaning of Shangyang

Shangyang:”Shang”, water clock, the ancient timing device, “Yang” means Yang-Qi. The name of “Shangyang” means that the qi of large intestine meridian flows out of the body surface from this point. Due to the characteristics of the gravity field of the body system, the temperature and pressure inside the human body is higher than the external, so the high temperature and high pressure Qi produced by the large intestine meridian will rush out from the hole of this point. The name of Shangyang is the movement characteristics of Qi in this point, hence the name.

LI 1 Acupuncture Point Usage

  • Sore throat, toothache, cheek swelling, pinked eyes, tinnitus and deafness;
  • Fever, sweating, full chest, coughing and wheezing;
  • fainting, stroke and coma;
  • Numbness of fingers;
  • Toothache, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mumps, cerebral hemorrhage, high fever, etc.

LI 1 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Massage therapy

Press Shangyang point with the tip of thumb to treat stroke, coma, sore throat, heatstroke, etc. .

Moxibustion therapy

Mild moxibustion on Shangyang point with moxa sticks for 5-20 minutes, once a day,It can relieve toothache, tinnitus, and deafness.

LI 1 Acupuncture Point Health care

Often press Shangyang point with the tip of thumb, which can strengthen the qi of the large intestine meridian, regulate the function of the digestive tract, accelerate the body’s metabolism.

If people with constipation, you can use the scraping board to scrape the index finger and the little finger separately, from the root of the finger to the fingertip, which can promote intestinal peristalsis.

If vomiting caused by overeating, use a toothpick to stimulate Shangyang acupoint for 7 to 10 times, which can relieve it.

In addition, Shangyang acupoint is an important acupuncture point for male sexual function health care. Massaging this acupoint with thumb and fingertips is beneficial for strengthening yang, and delaying aging.

LI 1 Point Compatibility

Stroke coma: Shangyang, ShaoShang, ZhongChong, GuanChong, ShaoChong, ShaoZe.

Coughing and sweating: Shangyang, Yuji, Qiaoyin, Danshu, Shangxing, Feishu, Xinshu, Ganshu, Ququan, Kongzui.

Asthma: Shangyang, Chuanman, Sanjian.

Full chest: Shangyang, Huagai,Zigong,Zhongting, Shenzang, Lingxu, Weishu, Xiaxi, Bulang, Shanglian, Sanli, Qihu, ZhouRong, Shangguan, Laogong, Yongquan, Yang Lingquan.

Fever without sweat: Shangyang, Hegu, Yanggu, Xiaxi, LiDui, Laogong, Wangu.

Throat swelling and pain: Shangyang, Fengchi, Yuji, Yemen, Feishu, Hegu, Shaoshang.

Swollen jaws: Shangyang, Yanggu, Wangu, Qiangu, Qiuxu, Xiaxi, Shousanli.

Lower teeth pain: Shangyang, Yanggu, Yemen, Erjian, Sidu.

Deafness: Shangyang, Tinghui, Shaochong, Zhongchong.

Glaucoma: Shangyang, Juliao, Shangguan, Chengguang, Tongziliao, Luoque.