Jimai acupoint (LR 12)belongs to the liver meridian of foot-Jueyin,which commonly used for lower abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, uterine prolapse, hernia, penile pain, leg pain, etc.

Location of Jimai acupoint

Lateral to the pubic tubercle, lateral and inferior to QiChong(ST 30), in the inguinal groove where the femoral artery is palpable, 2.5 cun lateral to the anterior midline.

Zuwuli acupoint

What is the meaning of Jimai?

Jimai.Ji,refers to hurried or fast. Mai,refers to the channel Qi. The name of Jimai acupoint means that the Qi of the liver meridian absorb heat and turn into a strong wind here. The substance of this point is the weak dampness Qi that ascends from the Yinlian acupoint. After reaching this point, due to absorb heat,the weak dampness Qi transforms into a strong wind that travels along the liver meridian. Hence the name.

What is Jimai acupoint used for?

Commonly used to relieve hernia, lower abdominal pain, uterine prolapse, vulvar swelling and pain, penile pain,vulvar itching and other diseases.

Efficacy: Soothes the liver and diuretic.

Jimai acupoint therapy


Use index finger or middle finger to press the Jimai acupoint, and do a rotation and massage. It can massage these acupoints both sides at the same time, each time for 1-3 minutes and several time to relieve pain.


Straight puncture 0.5-1 cun , avoiding blood vessels.


moxibustion for 5-10 minutes

Compatibility of Jimai Acupoint

Combined with Dadun point,used for hernia, uterine prolapse, penile pain, and impotence;

Combined with Yinbao, Jimen, Ququan, and Zuwuli points,used for lower limb paralysis and poliomyelitis.