Dampness evil may be most popular health topic, which is true that dampness-evil is also a great threat to body health.First of all we must explain that dampness-evil is not necessarily harmful to the body, but depends on what people, what level of dampness-evil.

How is dampness-evil considered appropriate

Dampness-evil comes from water and drink, fluid,and fluid and Qi-blood are homologous source. Why ? If a lean person can normally transport the water, there is no problem. People should not consider that everyone is afraid of dampness-evil. Only when the dampness-evil is heavy to a certain level, it will harm the health of the body, how to understand this level? We can refer to the level of vigor of Yang-Qi and the time of sleep.

What is the vigor of Yang Qi? If a person’s Yang Qi is very strong, then a little more the dampness-evil required.When people that Yang Qi is strong, or dampness-evil is not heavy  are easy to sleep for a short time, often easy to hyperactivity. But this exuberance is temporary, and their ability usually insufficient.

So for normal people, it is very normal healthy to have a little dampness-evil. So how to determine the dampness-evil just right?

For normal dampness-evil, the good sleep time is about 8 to 10 hours . if the natural sleep time is less than 7 hours, then there is a problem, the body is too dry and hot, which will develop a deficit of body.

How to determine whether Too Much dampness-evil

  • Get up to check the feeling

If every morning when you get up feel particularly tired, all over the body is not fresh, or lazy to move …… then you can be sure that there is dampness-evil in the body.

  • Look at the stool early in the morning

You can observe the stool if it is sticky on the toilet, a tank of water still flush it. Or you can also observe the hand paper, normal then one or two of paper is enough, if five paper repeatedly wipe also can not wipe clean, also show that there is dampness-evil in the body . In addition, the color and shape of the stool also is helpful for checking whether there is dampness-evil in the body: normal stool

The normal stool is golden yellow banana-shaped. If there is dampness-evil in the body, the stool is greenish, loose and unformed.

  • The tongue

The tongue is the heart of the seedlings, and the spleen outside appearance, the tongue can show our body condition. Before brushing our teeth, we may look at our own tongue in the mirror. A healthy tongue is light red and moist, with a layer of tongue moss on the surface, thin, white and clear and not too dry and moist and not slippery and not dry.

If the tongue does not fit these indicators, it means that there is a problem with the body .

If the tongue is white and thick, looks smooth and moist, it means that there is cold-evil in the body. if the tongue is rough or very thick, yellow and greasy, it means that there is dampness-evil and heat in the body.

If the tongue is red and moss-free, it means that the there is Yin deficiency for the body.

  • When brushing your teeth, nausea?

Some people brush teeth in the morning,which will may occur vomit, nausea, throat always feel a silky, even if there is spit,it means there is dampness-evil in the body.

  • Calf sour and sunken in the morning?

If you will feel calf sour and sunken in the morning. When the calf is sore and sunken, it is also a typical feature of dampness-evil in the body.

Symptoms of too much cold evil in body chinese medicine

For dampness-evil, it could be divided into three categories and nine types,there are three categories including cold dampness-evil, wind dampness-evil and damp-evil with heat. Then there are upper jiao, middle jiao, and lower jiao according to the part where they are located, and the combination is not easy what it requires a certain level of discernment.

If cold dampness-evil is in the upper jiao, there will be fear of cold, skin pores closed, nasal congestion, and even back pain.There is mainly feature as poor spleen and stomach and appetite in the middle jiao. If it is in the lower jiao, there will be hard and sore back pain, long and clear urine and it feels very tired and heavy in the lower back.

If the wind dampness-evil in the upper jiao, there will be spontaneous sweating, sometimes there is heat, yellow sweat, pain in the limbs; if it is in the middle jiao, there will be stomach pain and diarrhea, diarrhea after eating a little; if it is in the lower jiao, it will cause the bones and joint pain, which is now called rheumatism.

If it is damp-evil with heat in the upper jiao ,then there is skin problems, such as itching, swelling of eyes; if it is in the middle jiao, there will be bloating, fell full after eating a little, shallow sleep, which is now called superficial gastritis; if it is in the lower jiao, there will be gonorrhea, urine dripping and bowel. 

Too heavy dampness-evil evil harm

The dampness-evil in the body will harm the body’s qi, blood and fluid transportation, and affect the normal function of the internal organs operation. Although dampness-evil is not a major disease, it is a major hidden harm health factor.

Dampness-evil and qi and blood

Qi and blood and fluids are the material basis for the composition of the body and maintenance of life . The body’s Qi and blood is running normally, it will be resistance to disease, less sick or not sick.

Once the Qi and blood deficiency,resulting in decreasing the function of the internal organs and meridians , and it becomes unable to resist diseases well, thus affecting body health. Fluid is a liquid substance containing nutrients,which can nourish the skin, muscles, organs and so on.

If there is a shortage of fluids,it will affect the physiological activities of the skin, muscles and organs, and the physiological structure of the organs may be damaged.

Dampness-evil with sticky, turbid, accumulating in the body, one is easy to cause water-damp phlegm, resulting in the transmission and excretion of fluid dysfunction; Other is the body with to much dampness-evil, it will change into heat. Dampness-evil with heat is “fire”,which will dry up and dissipate the body’s fluid,resulting in not be well nourish and moist the internal organs .

Decrease Yang Qi

If there is dampness-evil in the body, qi and blood in the operation will always be not smooth enough, often run weak, which affects the normal function of the organs of the viscera, so that the heart and lungs to transport qi and blood, metabolism of water and fluid incompetence, liver and spleen drainage and transportation not well work, the kidneys function down ……
Dampness-evil and cold evil is the same yin evil, if dampness-evil and cold evil are together, it will not only greatly hurt the body’s Yang Qi, resulting in people feel cold hands and feet, swelling and pain in the abdomen, bad cold, cough and other symptoms, but also lead to kidney Yang deficiency, kidney Qi deficiency, resulting in lower kidney function,  blood deficiency, sexual dysfunction, etc.

Obesity caused by Phlegm dampness-evil

The fluid in our body is like the river water in nature, circulating in the upper and lower body,from the surface to the interior to nourish the body.

But if too much water and dampness-evil accumulate in the body, it will make the flow of fluid become slow or not flow, become sticky and filthy phlegm dampness-evil,resulting in edematous, obese, and also easy to cause fatty liver or other cardiovascular diseases.

More pain caused by wind dampness-evil

If dampness-evil and wind dampness-evil are together, it will lead to rheumatism, which is also called “paralysis” in Chinese medicine. When rheumatism in the muscles, it causes muscle pain, local skin burning and redness; when rheumatism stays in the joints, it causes joint pain.When rheumatism in flexion and extension, and in serious cases, which can lead to joint deformation or even loss of function.

Hurt the liver and gallbladder 

If dampness-evil and heat are together, it will lead to damp-heat, making people feel hot all over the body, headache, and also affect the function of the liver and gallbladder.

Men may suffer eczema of the scrotum or swollen, hot and painful testicles. There will be itching of the vulva and yellowish odor for women,resulting in various gynecological diseases.

Dampness toxicity

If you do not take timely measures to get rid of it out of the body, it may develop a harmful dampness toxin. if the body  toxins and dampness-evil are together, it will also lead to dampness toxin.

Dampness toxicity is more harmful to the body, which can block blood flow in the body.Common conditions: such as poor urination, diarrhea, acne, eczema or fatigue, are all linked to dampness-evil. It also be harmful to the skin, causing itching and pain, pustules, folliculitis, etc.

How to remove the dampness-evil

1)Press the acupuncture point

Massage the zhong wei point to make the spleen and stomach become strong. The point is in the center of the leg fossa, running the bladder meridian that is the body’s largest detoxification channel to remove dampness-evil.You can massage this point to benefit of qi and active the meridians.

2)Healthy diet

You can often eat barley porridge and Chinese yam soup, etc. Job’s tear is good for reducing water and swelling, strengthening spleen and dispelling dampness, soothing the tendons and removing paralysis, clearing heat, etc,and the red beans, is good to strength spleen and relieving diarrhea and swelling. 

3)Strengthen exercise

Most people with heavy dampness-evil in the body are those who eat a greasy diet and lack exercise. These people often feel heavy, limb weakness, However, the more lack of exercise, the more dampness-evil accumulated in the body, over time, it will lead to dampness-evil into the spleen, causing damp-heat disease.

Strengthening exercise not only relieves stress, but also accelerates the discharge of dampness-evil out of the body.


It is an ideal to remove dampness-evil through Chinese medicine cupping.

At the beginning of cupping, it had better to use a smaller jar, which can reduce the stimulation of the skin.Of course, you can also use an electronic scraper.

Electric cupping machine
Electric cupping machine

This is a rechargeable and portable electronic cupping massager, also called vacuum cupping machine, EMS scraping massage machine, based on the traditional Chinese medicine cupping prototype, combined with modern IR infrared heating, EMS micro-current stimulation, vacuum suction and other high technologies into one ,which can perform infrared heat, micro current stimulate the human body acupoints and peripheral nerves, activate human lymphocytes to remove waste, promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, release fatigue and stress.

This electronic cupping machine is a 3-in-1 (cupping, massage, scraping) massage machine. It can not only be used to massage neck, arms, legs, back, and abdomen etc,maintain human health, but also can be used to help lose weight, fat burning and shaping as like body slimming massager.

Note:After cupping, it is normal for the skin may appear red, swollen, blistered, blood spotted, bruised, etc.

4) Back scraping

You can buy some gua sha tools such as Wholesaleguashatools.com, then using a gua sha board to dip in a small amount of essential oil or olive oil,then from the back along the spine from top to bottom in one direction, then along the 1.5 cun wide from the spine from top to bottom, and then away from 3 cun the spine to scrape from top to bottom in the same way,about 5-8 scrapes per area.

5)The foot soak before going to bed

Every day before bed with hot water foot soak, It will not only  relieve fatigue, promote blood flow, but also for driving away dampness-evil.