The days of suffering from severe neck pain have been over. It’s the time to tell your neck pain bye forever just by using the latest innovative neck hammock of your own. You won’t need to visit a chiropractor or physical therapist for neck pain relief anymore. Just use the device for 5 minutes twice a week or more depending on the condition of your pain. Go through the article to know the proper use of a neck hammock and how often it’s better to continue with it.  

How Often To Use Neck Hammock

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Neck soaring actually occurs when you keep your neck in a specific position for a long time. It also can start with using fluffy or flat pillows. If you experience any neck pain it’s better to begin your treatment with a neck hammock. It is specially created to relieve neck pain. Even though it is simple and easy to use. By using this device at home you can save your expenses by meeting a physical therapist.

Depending on the intensity of your neck pain you can use it regularly. We recommended using it at least twice a week to get relief from back pain for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you use this device on a daily basis you will feel a noticeable difference on your neck.

In a study, we’ve found that 81.0% relief of cervical spondylosis symptoms has been alleviated because of using home cervical traction for 15 minutes daily.

Why Does Neck Pain Occur?

The neck supports the weights of our head which is one of the flexible parts of our body. So, it’s the most vulnerable part to getting injured and attacked by sting or stiffness. There are many causes responsible for neck pain.

  • This is a common problem for those who always work sitting at a desk. Even if you are hunched over your laptop or smartphone, too many hours may often trigger muscle strains. Minor things such as reading on the bed, and gritting teeth can be a cause of neck pain and strains neck muscles.
  • With your age, the neck joints tend to wear down like other joints of our body. Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage between your vertebrae to deteriorate which forms bone spurs and gets affected by joint motion and finally gets affected through pain.
  • Whiplash injury caused by rear-end auto collisions can bring neck pain. Because then your head may be jerked backward then forward that strains soft tissues of your neck.
  • Spending several hours on airplanes also can cause back pain.
  • A herniated disk or bone spurs in your vertebrae can be a reason for your neck pain.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and meningitis also can cause back pain.

Whatever the cause is, you should use a neck hammock to get relief from neck pain. If you care enough the neck pain won’t suffer you much. Let’s know how to use this innovative neck hammock.

Use A Neck Hammock To Alleviate Neck Pain

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Learn how to use a neck hammock. After that, you can decide how often you need to use a neck hammock depending on your type of cervical pain.

Hang your neck hammock 2 to 4 inches above the ground level. As high as you can hang the neck hammock, at a greater stretch you will get. For instance, an average adult person prefers to hand their neck hammock 3 to 4 inches above the ground. Moreover, if you want to quickly and easily alter the height you can use an adjustable strap.

Try to understand what your body feels and adjust it according to your body’s comfort level. All is not the same, someday your body will require much stretching and someday need less. So, choose your comfort level wisely.

If you want you can use any neck hammock usually, at any time you need. This process stretches and relaxes your neck muscles and helps you to alleviate your neck pain.

The Benefits Of Using A Neck Hammock

By using neck traction, you may get immense relaxation and relief from discomfort in your body’s ligaments.

  • Keep your neck stable
  • It helps you to correct deformities.  
  • To make easy muscle spasms.
  • Easing Pressure
  • Resting an injury
  • Reduce or relieve pain
  • Stop your muscles from shortening and contracting
  • It helps to bring back proper blood flow and nerve function

The Issues You May Face Using A Neck Hammock

Though you won’t face any long-term spinal traction for using a neck hammock, there are some side effects that may occur while you are having treatment or after treatment.

  • Some people may experience muscle spasms after using the neck hammock or some may feel peel in the treated areas.
  • The recommended use for this product is 20 minutes, so if you use this product longer than this time it may result in increased stiffness, pain, and possible injuries.
  • Many users may fall asleep while using this device, but it is highly recommended not to sleep while you are taking treatment. If you do so, later you may feel pain.

Does A Neck Hammock Really Help?

As a neck hammock is a cervical traction device it’s proven that it can help to alleviate neck pain. If you are experiencing neck tension or mobility problems you will surely get rid of these issues by regular use of a neck hemlock.

Wrapping Up

Since when the idea of neck traction was discovered, there is no way of suffering from severe neck pain. The person who is suffering from neck pain should use a neck hammock at least twice a week. So, they can alleviate their neck pain, with only little effort. But, if they neglect it from the beginning, they may suffer in the long run and will lose a good amount of money in further treatment.

It is recommended not to sleep while using a neck hammock. It’s a sensation of cervical traction relaxing that’s why some people tend to fall asleep. But this practice may worsen your neck pain and result in insomnia at night.