How Much Does A Massage Table Cost?

Treating an ailment by rubbing a volatile oil over the aching regions of the body is an ancient practice. Massage therapies became common in an era when humans used to hunt down animals by using an arrow poison. Volatile oils extracted from different herbs, flowers and leaves were used for this purpose.

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During massage therapy, the therapist applies pressure on the muscle tissues by kneading them in different patterns. Moreover, essential oils are rubbed down over the aching region to provide therapeutic effects. Hence, it acts by stimulating the brain to secrete hormones responsible for managing pain and stress so that the individual may relax properly. Massage therapy has been proved useful in treating some disorders like insomnia, hypertension, minor injuries, myalgia, mental suffering and so on.

What Are The After Effects Of Getting A Massage Therapy?

One may be surprised to know that there are different kinds of massages as well. Each type has its significance and advantages. For instance, “myotherapy” is the type of massage that is entirely focused on restoring the functionality of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Similarly, “shiatsu” is a massage therapy that is based on the principles of acupuncture. This means that it focuses on improving the energy circulating within the human body. Hence following are some of the benefits you will notice once you get a massage therapy;

  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Improved blood circulation
  • You feel energized and refreshed
  • It enhances the functioning of every organ system in your body
  • It decreases anxiety and uneasiness by increasing concentration and alertness.

What Features Should Never Be Overlooked When Purchasing A Massage Table?

Massage therapies have become too mainstream these days. Majority of the population holds the opinion that traditional medicinal practices are equally important as the standard health practices. This concept has given popularity to all the ancient therapeutic healing methods including massage. The trend of massage parlours is increasing with each passing year.

The most obvious piece of furniture found in such parlours is massage tables. These can be a portable massage table or stationary massage table. Thus, there are certain features which should not be ignored when buying a massage table. They are as follows;

 The Overall Width:

A massage table should be of the proper width. The standard width of a massage table ranges from 28 to 30 inches. Hence, the massage table should have enough space to accommodate individuals with different physiques. Another reason is that the right width of the table would not pose difficulty for the therapist. At times modern massage parlours have narrow beds or tables that become too fatiguing for the therapist.  

The Right Elevation and Weight:

Height of a massage table is very important, particularly for the therapist. Even though the standard elevation of massage tables is about 73 inches however it can be adjusted depending upon the height of the massager. Thus it is appropriate to buy a portable massage table with tuning knobs.

Another factor that is as important as height and width is the weight. A massage table should be as light as a feather. The standard weight of a massage table should lie within the range of 22 to 46 lb. Also, low weight materials are used in their manufacturing, for instance, aluminium is preferred than wood due to being lightweight. To keep the weight of the massage table as reduced as possible, massage parlours prefer to buy massage tables without a lifting seat.    

The thickness of the mattress and cushioning material is also extremely important. So that the client is comfortable and can relax.

How Much Does A Massage Table Cost?

 The cost of the massage table varies upon certain factors like cushioning, weight, thermal treatment and so on. Thus, some of the best-reviewed massage tables along with their asking price are described below;

The High-Quality Earthlite Spirit Portable Massage Table:

This portable premium quality massage table is available in a wide range of colours like black, latte, green etc. The Earthlite massage table has a width of about 30 to 32 inches. This provides enough room for an individual of heavily built to lie down comfortably. It also consists of a carrier bag with adjustable backrest and well-cushioned upholstery. This high-quality Earthlite spirit massage table can be purchased for about $600 from Amazon.

The Portable Massage Table with Heating Unit:

As if the massage itself wasn’t relaxing enough that this massage table consists of heating set up. The warm air given off from the heaters helps in easing the muscles during the massage therapy. Also, it consists of adequately cushioned pillows and bed which can soothe the pressure points present in the body. Unlike the Earthlite massage table, it consists of a double carrying case. This massage table can be bought for about $526 on Amazon and $380 from Walmart.

The Reasonably Priced Massage Table:

Are thinking to get into this line of work? Or do you want to keep a massage table at your place? Then you do not want to spend large sums of money for this. Hence, a portable massage table that can carry the weight of about 450 pounds is the most convenient option. Also, such cost-effective massage tables have width, weight and elevation all lying within the standard ranges. So, this kind of massage table cost around $110 to $130 and is available on Amazon as well as on Walmart.

The Healthline Massage Table Bed:

If you work in a spa where you do not only take clients with massage therapies then a flat massage bed will not work. In this case, you need to buy a massage bed adjustable knobs so that you can easily change its position. Although this table is not moveable like the ones described earlier, it is highly flexible and comfortable. This multipurpose massage table can be bought for about $490 to $510 from amazon.

The Portable and Bendable Massage Table:

The Saloniture massage table is made up of extremely lightweight materials.  As a result, the net weight of the entire table is about 27 pounds. This user-friendly massage table consists of an extra padded upholstery and face cradle. This helps in alleviating all the stresses and pain of an individual.

 Also, the table consists of numerous changeable knobs which permit the massage table to be adjusted in an inclined position. One feature that makes it distinct from other massage tables is that it can be folded up when not in use. Thus, the price of this highly versatile massage table ranges from $100 to $200 and can be bought easily from amazon.     

The prices of massage tables depend upon the number of features present in it. Hence the more modern and versatile the massage table is, higher would be its cost. Portable massage tables are inexpensive as compared to the stationary massage tables. Although portable massage tables have a simple structure and reduced weight they are not as long-lasting as stationary massage tables.

The concept of keeping massage tables particularly portable massage chairs at home has increased in the recent decade. As portable massage equipment is affordable and has numerous special characteristics thus it is convenient having them for one’s betterment.