GB 24 Acupuncture Point(Riyue) belongs to the Gallbladder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyang,which is commonly used for cholecystitis, hepatitis, intercostal neuralgia and other diseases. Oblique puncture 0.5 to 0.8 cun.

GB 24 Acupuncture Point Location

Directly below the nipple in the 7th ICS, 4 cun lateral to the AML.

riyue point

What is the meaning of Riyue

Riyue:”Ri”,the sun,refers to the yang.”Yue”, The moon,resfers to the yin. The name of “Riyue” means that the Qi of Gallbladder Meridian is located in the boundary of the heaven. The substance of this acupoint is the weakness and cold dampness-qi from GB 23(Zhejin) point. It is located in the boundary of the yin and yang, cold and heat of the heaven, hence the name.

riyue GB 23

GB 24 Acupuncture Point Usage

  • Jaundice, hiccups, vomiting, acid regurgitation, and flank pain;
  • Stomach pain.

Clinical:Cholecystitis, hepatitis, intercostal neuralgia, etc.

GB 24 Acupuncture Point Therapy

Rub GB 24 with your thumb for about 200 times, or press and rub it for 3 to 5 minutes it can treat chest pain and prevent from cholecystitis if long-term massage it;

GB 24 riyue

Compatibility of GB 24 Acupoints

Cmbined with Wangu and Danshu point to treat jaundice;

Cmbined with Qimen and Yanglingquan point to treat cholelithiasis;

Combined with Zhigou and Qiuxu point to treat hypochondriac pain;

Combined with Zhongwan and Neiguan point to treat vomiting and nausea;

Cmbined with Danshu points to treat gall bladder deficiency.

Combined with Dazhui, Zhiyang, Ganshu, Yinlingquan to treat jaundice;

Cmbined with Peiqiuxu, Yanglingquan, Zhigou point to treat flank pain.