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The world is going through an unprecedented time. No one knows how to feel about the situation, and most of all; we don’t know how to help ourselves in a time where we need to be standing up for one another. So, we look for something bigger than us and something that can help us be safe.

Healing is something that almost all people look for in life. It can be in any way we want but what we, as humanity, essentially need from time to time is a way to heal our souls and our body in a way that is not too expensive and a way that is not too invasive.

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When talking about healing therapy, we need to talk about Gua Sha. It is a form of healing therapy that involves using certain healing materials that you can use on your skin to help it get better circulation and deal with chronic pain in a better way. There are times when you get tired of going to healers and doctors all the time. With these specific tools, you will be able to take care of your skin at home.

A lot of the gua sha healers believe in the power of chi and how it resonates within our bodies. The belief is that if your chi is disturbed, which happens to be your energy, then your body will be in pain too. Many healers believe that if your chi is inflamed, you are at risk of chronic pain. There are various healing products that you can buy online and in markets. These tools provide you with instructions on how to use them and how they can be useful. Let’s take a look:

1. Genuine Jade Gua Sha

Introduced to the world by Elizabeth Trattner, this tool’s primary purpose is to help bring down any puffiness that may be present on your face. Along with making sure that the puffiness is gone, this jade gua sha also helps tone the face in more ways than one.

The product is made to be used on the under eyes, on the mouth and your hairline. It helps stimulate the blood and decrease the inflammation. The tool’s flatter side can be used on the chest and the neck area to increase circulation and blood flow. You can easily find it online for $28, which is a reasonable price.

2. Wildling Empress Stone

Wildling empress stone is a sculptor stone that helps you sculpt your face and helps heal your chronic pain at the same time. The sculpted stone is rich in 40 minerals of different sorts that can be used on your face at any time. It is small enough to be kept in a handbag which helps you take it anywhere you go.

The different minerals in this sculptor stone offer you negative skin ions which help stabilise the radicals so that there is no possible inflammation. Available for only $65, this is one of the best that you will find anywhere.

3. GingerChi Jade GuaSha Face Comb

Now, this is a product that is so unique and so different that it has its fan following. Shaped like a comb and made with genuine Xuiyan jade, this product manages to exceed expectations. The curved side of the comb fits perfectly on your face curvatures and helps increase blood flow throughout the face.

Along with the curved side, the comb in itself is a portion that can be used on your scalp to help massage it gently. Due to this feature alone, the product sells like hotcakes. Gua sha makes sure that your skin and your scalp are both looked after and equally stimulated. You can find this product online for $30, which is a reasonable price for its features.

4. Mount Lai The Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Though gua sha makes sure that all the products provided to their customers are pure and healthy, they do not use crystal. That being said, Amethyst is a crystal that is used in this product due to its unique quality and the beautiful violet hue that makes it all the more desirable.

The Amethyst is a crystal that is believed to provide the user with mental clarity, so it is advised to use this crystal on their face, especially their cheekbones and forehead. For $34 it is truly worth the price.

5. Lanshin Sculpting Spoon

If you need to find a tool that you can use in smaller places, this is the product. The Lanshin sculpting spoon looks the way it sounds. The spoon helps reach small spaces such as the eyes, the laughter lines and the mouth’s sides and decrease puffiness all over the face.

You can do all that with the round edge, and use the flatter edge on your flat services such as the forehead and neck, which helps rejuvenate and scrape off the skin to regulate blood flow. For $42, you can get a unique looking spoon that will help revitalise your skin.

6. Pop Society Gua Sha Mushroom

By looking at this product, you can see that it looks like a mushroom. That is why this product sells a lot because it is the perfect product for sculpting and relaxing your face muscles and neck muscles. The product moves smoothly across the skin with a relaxing feeling that affects you almost immediately after use.

As the product is a bit heavy, the advice is not to place it near sensitive areas such as the eye as it can damage them. Other than that, this product, costing only $20 is a product worth having and using daily.

7. Odacité Crystal Contour Gua Sha

When you decide to buy the right product for your skin, which also has healing qualities, there is no harm in looking good. That is one of the reasons why a lot of customers’ love this product. Its beautiful galaxy coloured crystal is built in a way that contours your face perfectly.

The product works best when you decide to use healing oils on your face and then use this product to massage your face gently. It gets the blood flowing, and it makes sure that your skin remains fresh. For just $45 you can get a piece of the galaxy in your home.

8. Skin Gym Jade Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool

One thing is for sure; this tool is worth the money that you spend on it, which is a mere $32. The beautiful jade with a light green colour offers a cooling effect to the user. It smoothly glides over the skin and makes sure it brings inflammation down if there is any present.

The product also offers an added feature where you can gently glide it over your lips and the coolness of the jade stone help in plumping your lips naturally and without any external intervention. You get a two-in-one feature deal on this product.

9. KORA Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Gua Sha

If you can manage to get a natural healing product for yourself and it happens to look like a heart, why not just spend the $58 and get that aesthetically pleasing product. That is the exact case with this rose quartz heart facial gua sha. The perfectly sculpted product glides over the face contours, ensuring that it comes in contact and soothes all the facial muscles.

If you wake up with a puffy face or hyperpigmentation, this is the best product for you. All you need to do is smoothly move it across your face and jawline and automatically lift your skin. Use it every day with the right combination of healing oils, and it will end up doing wonders.

These gua sha tools are perfectly designed to ensure that each one caters to the customers’ needs. If you want a product for puffiness or swelling of the eyes or hyperpigmentation, there are different tools available for you. In itself, each tool is one of the best and manages to heal the person in the desired way entirely.

Gua sha is a healing therapy that helps heal your skin and your chi in a way that is non-invasive and non-harmful. The whole purpose is to connect with your inner energy where you can then make sure that the positivity you feel on the inside can be somehow be brought to the outside. Using proper essential oils prescribed by the gua sha healing therapy, you can manage to scale your skin and create smoothness and freshness that will invigorate you.

The best way to learn how you can effectively use these tools is to get in contact with a technician or an expert in the art of gua sha therapy. Through proper tutorials’, you will be taught how to use the tools effectively. So, if you have the time and the money to spare, buy some gua sha tools and get help from an expert on how you can use one tool to your advantage. After all, having a skin that looks healthy is everyone’s right.