Life today is very hectic and strenuous. Work-life mostly consists of people standing on their feet and moving around from nine to five. Though the quality of work-life is changing, health is deteriorating at an enormous rate. It may have something to do with the food that we are eating but all in all, the aches and pains that our body feels at the end of the day signify that we need help.

Acupressure is a traditional healing therapy form that can be dated back to China. It is essentially a type of massage on specific and targeted portions of the body where there is pain. This gentle pressing and massaging of the body part help ease pain and also help the person relax.

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leg pain

Many people may confuse this therapy treatment with acupuncture, a therapy done with thin needles that also helps reduce pain. Though the result is the same from both the therapies, today you will be learning about acupressure and how you can use it to relieve leg pain in a person.

When someone goes through leg pain, it radiates through their entire body. It makes it difficult for them to stand up and do any productive work. With acupressure, you can start the healing process by pinpointing out particular points to massage to relieve yourself of the pain. There are a few points that are the main ones that are known to most, and they are as follows:

1. Stomach 33

One of the first pressure points is called stomach 33. The focus of this pressure point is majorly from your knee to your pelvic bone. Here the pressure is put on the muscles above the knee with three of your fingers. By putting pressure on the specific point, you will be able to relieve yourself of the pain you may have been feeling in your leg.

2. Sea of Blood

Though the title sea of blood may seem scary for many people, it is one of those acupressure points that gives immense pain relief. The first thing you need to do is flex your leg. The best way to do that is to lay flat on your back and then lift your leg by placing you heal firmly on the bed.

Once you do that, then you need to focus on the knee by placing your fingers on the left side of the knee, near the patella. Once you find the small bulge that will be appearing on the side of the knee, you press it down with one finger for a few seconds.

3. Gall Bladder 33

To understand gall bladder 33, the best way to make sure you get the right point is to see where you pressed for relief when doing the sea of blood technique. All you will need to do is press the same muscle near the patella which would be bulging out, but this time on the opposite side of the knee. By doing so, you can help relieve pain in your leg and expel the numbness you may be feeling.

Sometimes, the best way to provide relief for your leg is to press the pressure points called the sea of blood and gall bladder 33 simultaneously so that your lower leg can feel better and start functioning more healthily.

4. Zu San Li or Point of Longevity

The zu san li is a specific pressure point under the knee that helps in lower leg pain. It is located below your kneecap between the two bones that connect the leg. The best way to find the point is to place your hand on the knee and then move three spaces down on the side of the knee, and you will come to the exact location of zu san li.

The way to use acupressure for this area is to slightly massage this point and apply slight pressure to feel immediate relief. One of the reasons this acupressure works and does wonders is because of the pressure points. A lot of ailments can be dealt with by performing a simple massage for a few seconds.  

With these four acupressure points, it is necessary to understand that you need to be qualified in the field to practice acupressure. Not everyone can do it, and if you wish to perform on yourself, you need to be taught by a professional. Another notice that needs to be provided is that it, by no means, is replacing standard medical procedures or treatments. In case of severe injury or pain to the leg, it is advised for you to see a doctor. Besides that, acupressure is a healing process that has been present for centuries and has made its mark globally. If you wish to try acupressure, then the best thing to do is go to a professional who can help you.